Soap Hub Performer of the Week For DAYS: Tamara Braun

Soap Hub Performer of the Week For DAYS: Tamara BraunSoap Hub Performer of the Week For DAYS: Tamara Braun

It rarely happens, but every so often an actor playing the clear antagonist in a story will wind up being the one whom the audience cheers on. Tamara Braun, the recipient of Soap Hub’s Performer of the Week honors for DAYS, is one such actor.

Tamara Braun – Performer of the Week

We first caught up with Braun’s on the run alter-ego in a Brookville-based motel room. Her Ava Vitali was intently following the coverage of Rafe Hernandez’s (Galen Gering) trial and munching down on some potato chips with aplomb. Mastication has never been so terrifying.

A phone call between Ava and her pseudo friend Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien) allowed Braun to put her character’s vindictive nature – “When they hang that guilty verdict around Rafe’s neck…his little fairy tale with Nicole’s going to go up in smoke.” – and righteous indignation – “That bastard’s finally going to get what’s coming to him.” – on display.

But it was in the aftermath of Rafe actually walking away scot-free that Tamara Braun really got to go full tilt. For a moment all was still…then Ava began to try and comprehend the turn of events…and then the screaming started; the primal, unhinged screaming…and then Ava began to hurl about the room anything and everything she could get her hands on. Trash, lamps, bed linens. Nothing was safe from the whirlwind that was Hurricane Ava.

Honorable Mention: Arianne Zucker

Braun may have had the majority of great bon mots during Ava’s faceoff with Rafe and Nicole Walker – “You got handcuffs on you? Oh, wait, there may be some in the bedroom,” – but Zucker got in a few good licks of her own. No shrinking violet, this one. Her best though was this gem, uttered after Ava took her leave of the pair: “Wow, one thing I can say about her – lady knows how to make an exit.”

Honorable Mention: Lucas Adams

Adams and Braun have amazing mother/son chemistry, this much is true. Another truism is that this talented young actor perfectly encapsulated Tripp Johnson’s heartbreak at having been betrayed by his girlfriend…and his determination to soldier on and hold out for a love that is true and pure.

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