Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Leann Hunley

The talented thespian showed why she continues to entertain her audience as only a maestro can do.

leann hunley performer of the week the days of our lives.Leann Hunley as Anna Fredricks DiMera.

DAYS’ Leann Hunley has found herself in some tough spots before, but perhaps the toughest — and by far the funniest — was her attempt to convince her alter ego’s hubby that she was with child.

Leann Hunley — Performer Of The Week

In want of something to do while awaiting Tony’s (Thaao Penghlis) arrival at their luncheon spot, Anna phoned up Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and inquired as to whether or not she’s picked up those prenatal vitamins as prompted.

When Nicole testily wondered if Anna was speaking within earshot of, well, anyone, Hunley cannily scanned her surroundings and assured her that she wasn’t.

But no sooner had Anna promised her contact that no one would hear of her pregnancy news than Tony waltzed in and overheard.

“Do I know this person who is with child?” wondered Tony. “Yes, you know her very well, in fact…to be honest, it’s very surprising, shocking really because I just found out that…it’s me, I’m pregnant!” declared Anna. [Hunley punctuated the point with a subtle tilt of her head that seemed to declare “Yes, that’s it. I’ve saved the day!”]

To that, Penghlis let out a big belly laugh, and then a few guffaws, and then he blanched. Anna granted that they’d probably both thought the possibility of them becoming parents had “long, long…long since passed.” [Hunley’s obvious debate at adding that third “long” made that line of dialogue.]

Tony: How did you find out?
Anna: How did I find out? [a stall if there ever was one.]
Tony: That was the question, yes.
Anna: Well…isn’t it obvious? How do you think? [Beat. Beat. Suddenly light dawns behind Hunley’s eyes.] From Dr. Rolf! He was working on some experimental fertility treatments, and I was intrigued, so I offered to be his guinea pig…We hit pay dirt!

Not believing his partner for a second [Well, maybe one second.], but willing to play along, Tony announced that that was wonderful news.

“It is?” Hunley questioned before rephrasing in the form of agreement [It is!]. “I’m so glad you think so too” she added, her face belying Anna’s utter wonderment.

In need of a drink, Anna proposed a toast to the joyous news, but Tony stopped her cold. No alcohol for the next nine months. “Come to think of it, complete abstinence for more than nine months, wouldn’t you say.” “Would I?!” groused Hunley.

Tony then floated the idea of Anna’s breastfeeding their babe and Hunley’s hands groped protectively at her bosoms before moving upwards to the neck of Anna’s blouse which suddenly needed adjusting. Was it getting hot in there, or was it just Anna?

After a bit more prodding, Tony finally demanded the truth from his missus and she relented-ish. She copped to not being pregnant but refused to name the woman who actually was.

Tony: It’s Nicole, isn’t it?
Anna: Dang it!

Anna might not be the most skillful of liars, but Leann Hunley proved herself quite adept at tickling her audience’s funny bone.

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