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Days of our Lives Character Recap: Anna DiMera

Days of our Lives AnnaDays of our Lives Anna

Anna DiMera — a rapacious, money-hungry schemer whose lesser qualities are offset by her no-holds-barred humor and undying affection for the love of her life.

Who Is Anna DiMera?

Anna Fredricks made the acquaintance of Roman Brady inside a library and a whirlwind courtship followed. However, Anna disappeared three months after they were declared man and wife.

Believing his wife dead, Roman decamped to his hometown of Salem where he met, protected, and courted Dr. Marlena Evans Craig. Meanwhile, Anna, her monetary resources depleted after giving birth to Caroline “Carrie” Anna, and receiving medical treatments for her multiple sclerosis, agreed to assist career criminal Stefano DiMera in impugning Roman’s sterling character.

Trouble Spelled A-N-N-A

In aide of that goal, Anna revealed herself to Roman and spun a tale that had her kidnapped by white slavers and sold into the sexual servitude of a European drug peddler.

Furthermore, she presented little Carrie whom she insisted Roman and Marlena raise. Neither Roman nor Abe Carver, his fellow police officer and best friend, believed Anna’s story but they kowtowed into acceptance when they were made privy to the scars on her back — the actual result of her illness and not the slaver’s whip as she claimed.

Following the Bradys’ official divorce, Anna went to work as Tony DiMera’s secretary and began to fall under the sway of her boss’s magnetism — and his cash-stuffed wallet.

And while she schemed to earn herself the last name DiMera, Anna also continued to do Stefano’s bidding, which included hypnotizing Carrie and using the entranced girl to plant phony banking slips inside Roman’s apartment. Upon their discovery, Roman was suspended from the Salem PD on charges of corruption and bribe-taking.

Off her slight victory, Anna accompanied Tony to Las Vegas for the opening of a mutual friend’s nightclub and while there, she arranged to have her date drugged and dragged to a corrupt justice of the peace who declared them husband and wife.

Four’s Definitely Company 

A furious Tony set about annulling the marriage but halted his plans when Stefano was presumed dead and his will stipulated that Tony and Renee Dumond — the woman he was infatuated with and whom he had feared was his biological sister – must live together in the DiMera mansion and whichever party produced a DiMera heir first would receive $5 million.

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In response, Tony moved Anna onto the estate and they began trying for a baby. Anna did indeed get pregnant, but Renee’s vengeful machinations induced a miscarriage. In the aftermath, Tony and Anna divorced.

Moving On – But Not Really

Next, Anna found herself in an intriguing position when Alex Marshall broached the idea of forming a fashion label. Anna agreed and hired Calliope Jones to assist in the designing.

Pleasant though it was, her innate business sense and her prowess as a fashion maven greatly surprised Anna. After Alex sold the company out from under her, she merely started her own label and when he stole her original designs, she worked with Calliope’s beau, Eugene Bradford, to dose the fabric with a disintegrating chemical.

But even with her new ventures — and new love interests, including a gift-giving prince and an art dealer whom she stood accused of killing — Anna still longed for Tony. By happenstance, she discovered that he had been chained inside a secret bunker in his penthouse by the dastardly Andre and for a brief time they became fellow hostages.

When they were freed, the pair tried to get hitched but Alex substituted a fake minister. Luckily, attempt number three was a success. Not so lucky was the eventual end of the union, brought about by corrupt ISA agent Emma Donovan.

Anna DiMera’s Frequent Returns

For decades, Anna avoided a return trip to Salem but she made the sojourn in 2007 in order to deliver some much sought after documents that once belonged to Tony. Before leaving, she was stunned to be reunited with her ex and informed that he had not willingly ended their marriage all those years ago.

Reconciliation and a wedding followed but Anna was presumed widowed when Tony seemingly died after a confrontation with Philip Kiriakis. Anna again left town only to become embroiled with EJ and his scheme to kidnap Sami Brady’s daughter, Sydney.

In 2017, an increasingly despondent Anna — with Tony’s martini shaker-interred ashes in tow — made it her life’s mission to track down and murder Stefano but she only succeeded in shooting at an innocent person and wounding Steve Johnson.

After becoming a suspect in Andre’s death — Tony’s supposed final resting place had been the murder weapon after all — Anna was shocked to be reunited with the love of her life yet again. Thanks for the miracle cure, Doctor Rolf!

Despite Tony’s initial desire to head DiMera Enterprises, he agreed that Anna’s maneuvering to have him deposed had been a wise choice and the couple departed for new horizons but trouble is never far behind. Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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