Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Leann Hunley

Her comic timing breathes life into every scene.

leann hunley days of our lives performer of the weekLeann Hunley

DAYS is never more hilarious, nor smacking of old home week, then when Leann Hunley and her alter-ego are given a chance to shine. And seriously, who doesn’t want to hear colorful raconteur Anna DiMera ramble on?

Leann Hunley — Performer of the Week

Hunley had quite the task ahead of her: recap a whole heap of outlandish goings on, deviate from the point ever so precisely — Anna is never better than when she’s on a tangent — and never once come off as grating. Easy as pie!

But first things first. Anna had to check on Roman’s (Josh Taylor), Eric’s (Greg Vaughan), and Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) well-being. What a tragedy they’ve all suffered — Roman even more so. After all, he’s lost his wife, ex-wife, and sister all in one go.

And then there’s Brady. On top of his loss — R.I.P Marlena — his having to deal with all that mess between Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Stefan (Brandon Barash). That crazy, crazy mess.

“What do you mean,” inquired Brady. Uh, oh. Turns out he hadn’t heard about “last night.” Oh boy. Buckle up. This is gonna take a while…not the least of which is because Anna’s never known a simple explanation that she couldn’t embellish.

“Chloe came by the house yesterday, to see Stefan, to tell him that they shouldn’t see each other anymore. And then she was explaining it all to me, and then the landline rang. Which is funny. I couldn’t find it at first…I didn’t know we still had a landline. Anyway, it was a collect call from Vivian Alamain, who informed us that Gabi had Stefan held captive in the secret room in our basement. Chloe and I ran down there and found that the old bat was telling the truth for once in her life.”

And there was more. So much more. Anna and Chloe arrived in time to see Dr. Rolf’s (Richard Wharton) efforts to deprogram Stefan go up in smoke — literally — and were on hand to hear Stefan declare that his loving feelings for Gabi had returned.

The rub? Stefan still had similar feelings for Chloe. Sorry, Brady. Still, maybe he should…go and talk to her face-to-face? Good idea, decided Brady. He’ll get right on that.

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After seeing Brady off, Anna’s eyes scanned the pub and zeroed in *GASP* the urn containing Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) ashes. Possibly. “Maybe Roman should have those checked,” Anna helpfully offered. After all, she knows of what she speaks.

Left on her own, Anna moseyed on up to the pub’s bar, worrying aloud after Brady and Eric. What in the world should she do now? How could she help? The latter questions Hunley addressed specifically to the nearby urn.

Then, as if an edict has passed from the vessel directly to her ears, Anna perked up, issued a sincere thanks, and concluded, “You’re right! Defeatism be damned. There is something I can do.”

That something wound up being bribery — her walking around money scored her, and by extension Brady, the key to Chloe’s room which they used to let themselves inside.

Drats! They were too late. Songbird Chloe had flown the coop. Never mind though, Leann Hunley had had her moment in the sun.

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