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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Kristian Alfonso

The actress conveyed her character’s lifetime of connection with a man who is her soulmate in just a few brilliant moments.

kristian alfonso is days performer of the week.Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady.

The reunion most decidedly did not go the way her alter-ego would have liked, but Kristian Alfonso made the most of the bad situation that was Hope and Bo’s first face-to-face in nearly a decade.

Kristian Alfonso — Performer of the Week

While Hope took in the sight of Bo (Peter Reckell) standing before her, Alfonso telegraphed shock, awe, uncertainty, assured recognition, and unbridled joy.

After embracing Reckell’s stiff frame, Alfonso traced her hands all about his person. His chest, his head, his cheeks. She pulled him in for a kiss, she stroked his arms. It was as if she was determined to prove his existence by tactile feel.

Between sobs, Hope inquired as to how it was that Bo was there, how it was that he was alive. She wondered if she was dreaming and draped herself around his shoulders as if to ground him just in case.

When Bo admitted that he’d personally asked her lover to keep mum about his resurrection, Hope was gobsmacked. “Why would you do that?” she blubbered. “If I had known you were alive…you’re the love of my life. You’re the only one I want.”

Bo’s emotionless retort that he didn’t want her was like a slap in the face that stung like fire. Hope insisted that he couldn’t mean what he was saying and tried to get to the bottom of his seeming indifference.

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Working herself up into a frenzy Hope tearfully recalled the unceasing grief that had become her constant companion since his so-called passing. “I thought that I’d seen you for the last time, touched you for the last time. I thought you were dead.”

Bo claimed that that was indeed the “last time.” Thanks to the machinations of a mad scientist he’d been reborn, and he planned to make himself over in his biological father’s image.

Hope attempted to appeal to Bo’s better angels, invoking his children and grandchildren, but it was all in vain. Hope eventually found herself on the edge of cliff with a gun pointed squarely in her face.

What followed was an epic monologue, expertly delivered by Alfonso, full of conviction and verve. “You listen to me, Brady…You’re the love of my life. And that’ll never, ever change, just like I know that your love for me is never gonna change. And no matter what you say or what you do, you’ll never convince me otherwise. Because you know what? There is one fundamental truth between-between you and me, and that is that we love each other to the very depths of our souls. So no matter what happens here today, nothing will ever extinguish that love…so many things, so many…obstacles have stood in our way. And you know what? We’ve overcome them. Every. Single. One of them! “

The ploy worked like magic. Almost. Bo recovered his memories but Shawn’s (Brandon Beemer) misreading of the scene resulted in him putting a bullet in his father. It was Hope’s worst day relived — but a triumph for Kristian Alfonso.

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