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It’s the Days of our Lives Brady Bunch: Who Is Who?

Which Days of our Lives Brady has a sitcom Brady twin?

days of our lives bradys reimagined as the actual the brady bunch show.Which Brady on Days of our Lives fits each role?

Megan recently accused Andrew of being a law-abiding member of The Brady Bunch on Days of our Lives. She’s not wrong. But she also made us wonder: Which member of the Salem Brady clan has a twin in the classic Brady Bunch? Here’s what we came up with. What do you think?

Days of our Lives: Architect of My Soul

The only candidate for Mike Brady is Roman (Josh Taylor). He’s the patriarch of the family now. He’s calm and level-headed. Plus, he also has great advice. And he can even cook!

DOOL: Sunshine Day

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) is our Carol. She is loving and kind, not just towards her biological children, but also to the stepson who just popped up one day — and tried to frame her for murder. Kayla can dish out the tough love and the pep talk. And that blonde bob is awesome.

Days of our Lives: Johnny Bravo

He’s a rebel without a cause. He can’t stop stressing how different he is from his siblings. And he’s been known to warble a tune. Obviously, Bo (Peter Reckell) is Greg.

DAYS: Her Name Means Beauty

Belle (Martha Madison) may only be a Brady by marriage, but she still radiates serious Marcia vibes. She’s basically perfect. She’s a great lawyer, a great mom, a great wife. As a teen, all the boys were in love with her. And her hair is so shiny!

DOOL: Pork Chops and Applesauce

Eric (Greg Vaughan) is mostly a decent guy. He tries to do the right thing, but he has a tendency to be his own worst enemy. He’s always trying to redefine himself. I’m a priest! I’m a photographer! I’m a short-order cook! What he is, is Peter. The hero who always believes it’s “time to change.”

DAYS: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

At least some of the motivation behind Sami (Alison Sweeney) constantly acting out has to come from growing up in perfect big sister Carrie’s (Christie Clark) shadow. Also, her Grand Canyon level of insecurity. Would Jan have ever faked a pregnancy to steal her sister’s boyfriend or dressed up as a man to spy on her relatives? If anyone would have, it would be Jan.

Days of our Lives: Clean as a Whistle

Remember when Bobby went power mad as a safety monitor? That’s likely the Brady Megan was accusing Andrew of being. We see it. He is Secret Agent Man! Truth, justice, the American Way…and we bet he even does his own laundry!

DOOL: The Youngest One in Curls

Stephanie (Abigail Klein) is sweet, Stephanie is cute, and Stephanie is loved just for existing. She doesn’t lisp, and she doesn’t freeze up on TV. But she’s also just as coddled as little sister Cindy.

DAYS: Household Help

Alice took care of living Bradys. Dr. Rolf takes care of dead ones. Totes the same thing.

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