Days of our Lives: Was Victor Right To Name Maggie CEO?

Has she made a good decision yet on Days of our Lives?

days of our lives maggie may not have been victor's best choice as ceo.Maggie is not great as CEO.

On Days of our Lives, Alex and Justin weren’t the only ones surprised when Victor named Maggie Titan’s CEO in his absence. And, they weren’t the only ones who wondered about her qualifications for the job. Maggie gave a fiery speech about how she’s run a farm and a restaurant, so, obviously, being CEO was the logical next step. OK, we shrugged. Knock yourself out.

Days of our Lives: Maggie Strike One

First, Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) showed that she wasn’t particularly good at the Human Resources part of the job when she hired, fired, re-hired, and fired Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) within what felt like the span of a week. Make up your mind! Either trust him or don’t trust him, but this constant wishy-washiness does NOT look good to the stockholders or the financial press.

DAYS: Strike Two

And the reason Maggie couldn’t commit one way or the other to Alex was that she kept taking his actions personally. When Alex made his deal with the shifty Yuri (Josh Flagg), he didn’t do it her way because her way would have tanked the deal. He had to make decisions in the moment. That’s what you pay a high-level executive to do: Make executive calls on the spot.

Then, after she’d canned him yet again, Maggie took offense when Alex took his business elsewhere and made the same deal with Yuri for him and Brady (Eric Martsolf). Maggie expected Brady to side with her and got very grumpy when he explained the move was just business. That is not how a CEO reacts.

Days of our Lives: Maggie Strike Three

Still, in a huff, Maggie ran to Chad (Billy Flynn) and offered him the job. Why? We’re not sure. Spite seems to be the biggest driver. Considering what a great job she did working with and listening to Alex, we don’t expect this partnership to go much better. Why did Victor (John Aniston) think this was a good idea again?

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