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Nadia Bjorlin Dishes On The Moment of Truth For Chloe and Nicole

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It’s the moment of truth on Days of Our Lives. At long last, Chloe tells Nicole that baby Holly isn’t her child, but actually Nicole and Daniel’s biological daughter.

Albeit the circumstances are less than ideal: The big reveal comes at the police station, where Nicole has been arrested for attacking the hitman who was about to kill Deimos.

Forced to ‘Fess Up
“Brady pushes Chloe into doing this,” explains Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe). “It’s, ‘If you don’t say something, I will.’ So she’s kind of forced to say something and to also maybe reconcile any kind of relationship or friendship that she and Nicole have had.

Chloe says, ‘This is my side of the story. This is why I did this, before you hear it from Brady, Deimos or whatnot.’”

Chloe lays things out matter-of-factly. “She explains her reasoning. She goes on about how Deimos can’t be trusted and is dangerous criminal. Then, she tells Nicole (Arianne Zucker), ‘Look at you now.

Look where you’ve gotten yourself to,’” continues Bjorlin, referring to the fact that her friend has now been arrested.

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“Chloe says she’s wanted to tell Nicole the truth for so long, but she’s proven to be so irrational and irresponsible. Basically, it’s, ‘You gave me no choice, but to keep this from you.’”

A Furious Friend
None of Chloe’s words or excuses appease Nicole. Nor does Nicole understand why “her friend” would keep this secret from her.

“Nicole is absolutely furious,” recounts Bjorlin. “She lunges at Chloe, and Chloe is like, ‘See. Look at you. You’re unstable. You’re in a police station in cuffs and you’re trying to attack me.’”

Taping those powerful scenes opposite Zucker were a high point for Bjorlin. “It’s always a good time working with Ari, whether we’re laughing or trying to kill each other,” Bjorlin delivers with a chuckle.

“I think we have good chemistry, and we really sort of ‘play ball’ well together. We bounce back and forth and our ideas seem to mesh really well. We enjoy when we’re given good material, stuff that’s really meaty or emotional. We tried to really run the scenes beforehand and share what was motivating each of us.”

Who Gets the Baby?
With the truth finally out, Nicole wants immediate custody of her daughter, but it’s not meant to be. Instead, she ends…continue reading on the next page —>

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