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Book ‘Em! Should Stefan Spend Spend Some Time In Statesville on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

Stefan Days of Our LivesStefan Days of Our Lives

On Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), Stefan went into his twisted relationship with Gabigail fully cognizant of the fact that the woman he claimed he loved was living in the body of the woman his brother happened to be married to. That’s not weird at all!

Still, is it criminal? Should Stefan (Tyler Christopher) go to prison for what he’s done to Abigail (Marci Miller) and Chad (Billy Flynn)? Here’s the verdict over 12000 of fans laid out:

Book ‘Em… And Throw Away the Key!
Well, let’s see, 86% of you muse, rape is a crime, rapists are criminals, and criminals should go to jail. So… yeah.

It would have been one thing if Stefan, while living outside of Salem and not knowing he was the long-lost son of Vivian (Louise Sorel) and Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), had run into a woman named Gabby, who had a penchant for wigs… and him.

They could have had a relationship and, when the truth – and bloodlines – came out, Stefan would have been as much of a victim as Abigail, Chad, and even Gabi (Camilla Banus), who, for the record, went to a jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

That’s not what happened, though. Stefan knew, and he slept with a mentally ill woman anyway, encouraging her delusions for his own purposes. That’s rape. That’s a crime. See above. (And then tell Quinn and Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful, too.)

What do you think? Post a comment!

Age Of Consent
Gabby lives as much in Abigail’s head as Abby does, 14% of the viewers point out. So who gets to judge which personality is the real deal? What is a personality anyway?

Gabby had to be a part of Abby, or else the personality couldn’t have developed. It’s like, when people are drunk, they say things they wouldn’t otherwise say and do things they wouldn’t otherwise do because the genie has been let out of the bottle.

However, the genie has been there all along! And Gabby wanted Stefan as much as he did her.

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