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A New Man: How Days of our Lives Fans Feel About A Changed John

Steve and John Days of Our LivesSteve and John Days of Our Lives

Ever since John had his brain episode on Days of our Lives – thanks for the yelling, Sami! – he’s had a harder time keeping his feelings under control.

Days of our Lives Polling

Let’s be honest, our hero has become a bit of rage-a-holic. How do fans feel about the changes in John’s (Drake Hogestyn) personality? What over 3,000 viewers told us:

Short Cuts

It has its entertainment value… in the short run, a majority 55% of you concede. It is kind of fun to see him go off on Jan and Tripp (Lucas Adams) and even Steve (Stephen Nichols). But you suspect this will also get real old, real fast. So a few more temper tantrums, and then it’s back to Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) loving husband, OK, show?

Come Home, John

A smaller 35% of the audience just wants the old John back, ASAP. He’s a lover, not a fighter. Well, OK, he’s a fighter too. But only against bad guys. Those who deserve it. And preferably off-screen. We know that John has to do bad things sometimes to keep us safe but, like the people Jack Nicholson was talking about in A Few Good Men, you can’t handle the truth. You believe he can keep us safe from bad people without doing any bad things. Or having any bad thoughts. So keep John good.

Edge of Glory

A last-place 10% likes this darker side of John. It never made sense that a guy who has been brainwashed as much as him and seen as much horror would be so chill and happy go lucky. Maybe his medical condition has finally released the real John, the one who has a dark side – and isn’t afraid to show it. You like this John. And if Marlena doesn’t, well, then, we’re sure he can find another lucky woman who will. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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