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A Justifiable Rage: Do You Blame Eve For Wanting Revenge On Ben On Days Of Our Lives?

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On Days of Our Lives, the Ben and Ciara coupling may be steaming up your television screens but a mere sighting of Ben is enough to make Eve’s blood start to boil. Eve can’t stand the fact that the man who strangled the life out of her beloved daughter Paige is running around town free to pursue love and happiness.

Eve is determined to get justice for her baby and she has proven that she will go to whatever lengths necessary to achieve her goal. She’s lied, she’s harassed, threatened to manufacture evidence, and worst of all she manipulated an emotionally fragile young woman into helping her with her deceptions.

But the big question is do the fans think Eve has gone too far? SoapHub asked if you blame Eve for wanting justice for Paige. Here’s what 8,000 fans had to say:

Thumbs Up
Over half of you think that Eve is totally justified in her quest to bring Ben down. In fact, 59% of you threw your support behind Eve. You think that no mother should have to watch their child’s killer freely roaming the streets, living a life that he denied to his victims.

You also pointed out that poor Paige wasn’t Ben’s only victim. He also strangled the life out of Serena. Ben did the same to Will though he was resurrected by Dr. Rolf. And you’re quick to bring up the fact that Paige and Serena’s murders were not spur-of-the-moment actions. They were, in fact, methodically planned so as to draw suspicion to Ben’s rival, Chad.

Thumbs Down
Still, there were 40% of you who said Eve needs to let it go. It’s not healthy for her to become so fixated on Ben and turning into criminal herself isn’t going to solve anything. Two wrongs do not a right make.

You say that Ben did the crime and served his time and he should be allowed to live his life as a man free of malicious prosecution. You also point out that Ben was a mentally scarred youth who was taught by an abusive father that bloody violence is the only way to solve a problem.

No matter the outcome, fans have been riveted by the performance of actress Kassie DePaiva and you can’t wait to see more. Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Alexandra Hill

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