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A Jealous Brady CAN’T BELIEVE What He Sees In Eric’s Room

Eric MartstolfEric Martstolf

Brady’s jealousy over Eric and Nicole pushes him over the edge on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

He’s been unable to shake the fact that the pair kissed while they were under the influence of Halo. And he’s worried that it’s stirred up old feelings between Eric and Nicole.

Where There’s Smoke…
Eric Martsolf (Brady) believes the scenario makes total sense “to anyone who is familiar with Brady’s past and the traumatic nature of his loves being lost. The man is just not lucky in love,” contends the actor.

“In the back of his head, he’s constantly waiting for that shoe to drop. So when he sees smoke, he immediately believes there’s fire there. In this case, he has very strong suspicions about his brother, again.

Repeat Performance
“This isn’t the first time Eric (Greg Vaughan) has come into question with one of Brady’s relationships,” points out Martsolf. “There was the whole incident with Kristen (Eileen Davidson), years ago.

“Of course, Eric claims he was drugged that time, but in the back of Brady’s head it was still his brother who was sleeping with his fiancé. Now, here he is again sharing a kiss with the love of Brady’s life. It’s just history repeating itself in a really dreary way.”

Forgive and Forget?
Eric and Nicole have admitted to the kiss and are under the assumption that Brady has forgiven them and understands what transpired.

“But the real question is, Does he understand? Has he really forgiven them?” says Martsolf. “Because all arrows kind of point the other way. Since hearing about the kiss, Brady simply goes downhill.”

The fact that Eric and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) have made peace over Eric’s role in Daniel’s death only intensifies things.

“It’s an interesting twist of events in the sense that Brady was initially a cheerleader for Nicole to forgive Eric,” explains Martsolf. “He truly believed she needed to let that go… let that hate dissipate. Now it’s gone to the other side of the spectrum.

“Brady has watched all this forgiveness take place. Then, this kiss happens. Brady believes that Nicole could be very interested in Eric and he can’t stand it.”

Photo Bombshell

Things escalate when Brady gets wind of a photo shoot that took place in Eric’s room with Nicole as the subject–and he immediately…continue reading on the next page —>

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