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Days of our Lives Spotlight: Top 5 Vivian Facts!

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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) has lacked a certain pizzazz since Vivian Alamain left the canvas.

The outrageously wild character, played to perfection by actress Louise Sorel, pulled off some memorable stunts during her years in Salem.

Among the most diabolical: burying Carly (Crystal Chappell) alive! And, along the way, she amassed a string of enemies.

We can’t wait to see what she’ll do for an encore. In the interim, here are five things we can’t wait to watch for when Vivian returns.

The Man She “Loves”
Obsessed with Victor (John Aniston) for decades, Vivian schemed her way into two weddings with the Kiriakis patriarch. Nonetheless, Vic loathes her with a passion.

When he discovers she’s back in town, he’s sure to greet her with one of his wry one-liners, followed by a stern warning to steer clear of his family — particularly, wife Maggie (Suzanne Rogers).

The Woman She Loathes
The animosity between Vivian and Kate (Lauren Koslow) spans decades. Vivian was responsible for the plane crash that left Kate presumed dead and followed that up by stealing Kate and Victor’s fertilized egg, so she could carry their son Philip.

Kate, no doubt, will demand to know why her nemesis is back in town, assuming she’s hatching something sinister; then, she will head straight to Victor to plan a counterattack.

Maggie in the Middle
As Victor’s current love, Maggie has the most to fear regarding Vivian. After all, she trapped her in a sarcophagus during her last stint in Salem.

Maggie will be on guard, this time around, likely letting Vivian know that she’ll be watching her like a hawk. One false move, and she’ll show Vivian she’s messed with the wrong woman.

Cut to Chloe
Poor Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) found herself ensnared in Vivian’s hatred for Carly. First, Viv convinced her Carly and Daniel were having an affair, leading Chloe to turn to Philip. Then, she coaxed Chloe into plotting an elevator “accident” for Carly that left Chloe the victim.

It all led to the ruination of Chloe’s marriage and eventual suicide attempt. Chloe won’t want to believe her eyes when she sees the woman who destroyed her life. She’ll likely run in the other direction, desperate to avoid any interaction with her.

About Brady
The last man to turn the tables on Vivian, Brady uncovered her evil burial plot against Maggie and entombed Vivian in the sarcophagus. Then, after setting her free, he dumped her on a deserted island for a few more weeks of payback.

Expect their first encounter to be fiery and tense, as Vivian treads carefully, knowing the depths of Brady’s wrath, and Brady puts her on notice, warning that if she strikes against anyone he loves, he’ll attack.

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