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The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katrina Bowden Shares Recipes For Social Distancing Break

Katrina Bowden The Bold and the Beautiful Jan, 23, 2019Katrina Bowden The Bold and the Beautiful

As Flo Fulton on The Bold and the Beautiful, Katrina Bowden has done some home-wrecking, but off-screen, she’s quite the homemaker. The actress recently shared a cooking talent with her followers on Instagram, giving people something to do while they’re housebound due to coronavirus.

Katrina Bowden: Healthy Recipes

“Posted a few healthy recipes today- all linked and in stories,” Bowden shared on social media. “Chicken tendies, the best soup, and how to make your own bone broth. I love cooking at home…so I am thriving…I’m also touching my face because I can’t stop ✋ 😘.” (We feel you. It’s really hard to stop touching your face, but we have to try not to for our health.) Bowden’s recipes can be found by clicking here on her site fitkatbykatrinabodwen.

“I love making soups,” Bowden posts in her blog. “It’s easy to do, and you can really just use a lot of what you have on hand to make them. My soups tend to be an ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ type of deal, but I have been making a specific one recently inspired by my friend Kelly Kruger (ex-Mac, The Young and the Restless) who loves to make them too.

“I sometimes add in other veggies that I have on hand or throw some garbanzo beans in etc, but the recipe below is the starting point- make little changes and adjustments as you wish! There are really no wrong moves here.

“I do highly recommend using bone broth unless you are vegetarian because it’s high protein content and gut-healthy elements make it a nutritional powerhouse. Plus, it just makes the soup taste delicious. Buy your bone broth or make it by boiling leftover chicken bones with water and spices.

“Oh and this makes a big batch! I store it in the fridge and get days worth of lunch and dinner side dishes out of this.”

On her site, Bowden also has info on food, wellness, style & beauty, travel, and more! The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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