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The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katrina Bowden Recalls Unusual House Call

Katrina Bowden The Bold and the BeautifulKatrina Bowden The Bold and the Beautiful

With just a handful of credits to her name, Katrina Bowden took on the role of Ms. Tasty (!) in the 2008 film Sex Drive. Recently, The Bold and the Beautiful actress recounted an interesting experience she had while shooting the movie that made her feel like she was in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy!

Memories From Katrina Bowden

“Here’s a small clip from our little #sexdrive reunion podcast with @zuckermanjosh @cudlitz @davesheridanofficial hosted by Dave and @creechcreative,” Bowden posted on Instagram. “We reminisce about making this movie 12 years ago, Orange thongs, and tell some questionable yet funny stories.”

Alas, Bowden became ill during production, which held things up for about five days. “I had a sinus infection while we were shooting…” the actress recently shared with some Sex Drive cast members in a Zoom reunion. The film’s plot had a high school senior driving across country with his pals to meet up with a hot girl he found online.

Bowden recalls a doctor coming to her hotel suite to check on her — and he didn’t come alone! “[The doctor] brought four students with him,” the BB actress recalls. “Three men and one woman. He said, ‘I brought my students…’ I said, ‘Okay. I guess.'”

Bowden’s physician wanted to give her a shot, but she says he wanted to use the syringe on her butt cheek. “It gets worse,” the actress said. “He had me lay down on the bed. They were all watching me get a shot on my [butt]. It’s super embarrassing. Right before he injected me, he slapped my other ass cheek to distract from the pain of the needle [going into my other one].”

Later that day, Bowden went on Facebook and received a message from one of the med students. She recalls he wrote to her: “Hey, I was one of the medical students in the hotel room. I’m so sorry [the doctor] slapped your ass. I was like, ‘okay.’ To me, it’s funny now, but pretty horrifying [at the time]. I laugh about it now…”

Bowden says she hadn’t called a random doctor. The film’s production arranged for the visit. “He was a licensed doctor,” she recalls. “[The slap] did distract me from the shot. It was 12 years ago. I survived. It was one of those things where every time I tell the story, someone goes, ‘what the [expletive].'”

Check out Bowden’s Instagram post below. You can see the Zoom reunion for Sex Drive by clicking here. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check out local listings for air times.

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