B&B’s John McCook Talks Daytime Emmy Nomination and Donna & Eric

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John McCook is celebrating more than 35 years of being on The Bold and the Beautiful. The actor has received a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Performance in a Daytime Drama Series: Actor and, in a surprise twist, Eric Forrester has resumed his relationship with ex-wife Donna! Soap Hub sat down with McCook about this and more.

John McCook Talks Daytime Emmys, Donna, Quinn, and More

McCook discussed his Daytime Emmy nomination and the fact that Eric Forrester, once again, has become Donna Logan’s (Jennifer Gareis) ‘honey bear.’ Find out what he had to say.

Soap Hub: Congratulations on the nomination!
John McCook:
Thank you. I’m very pleased. I’m very happy. I submitted the scenes I did because I was in scenes with Thorsten [Kaye, Ridge]. We have a good father/son thing I like to play. They were understated…the scenes were very emotional. I was very happy to get nominated.

Soap Hub: Can you describe a bit more about what’s on your reel?
John McCook:
Yes. This scene was towards the end of the story with Eric and Quinn [Rena Sofer]. Eric had made the decision to [let Quinn] have a physical relationship outside the marriage with someone else in addition to her staying in the house with him. He was trying to explain to Ridge that that’s what he wanted. Eric was talking about being alone in the house and he didn’t like it. I didn’t want to be pitiful with the storyline. I wanted to be angry. It was quite a journey with that story and I was glad to play it.

Soap Hub: There’s been a surprise twist now — what did you think of the revelation that Eric and Donna are having an affair?
John McCook: I thought it was fun! This is a case of the actors being fans of the show, too. I turned the page and saw this…I was very happy to see that happen. I love working with Jen [Gareis, Donna]. Donna’s not a giddy airhead. The character of Donna is more mature now. They enjoy each other in a playful way. It brings such joy to Eric’s life.

Soap Hub: It’s a twist that Eric’s the one cheating this time.
John McCook: I hold Eric to a higher standard but I understand there’s a wariness and a weariness towards Quinn. Donna’s absolutely in love with Eric, which gives him a positive buoyancy. Where it’s going to go is really wonderful — for everybody.

Soap Hub: Eric and Quinn found a way to get past the affair but it appears now as if Eric truly didn’t get over Quinn’s betrayal.
John McCook: I agree. that’s a perfect way to describe it. It’s been uphill ever since he took her back. They say they love each other all the time. They’re terribly in love with each other but it’s degenerated now.

Soap Hub: If and when Quinn finds out, this Donna/Eric affair will give her permission to go ‘live her best life,’ as they say?
John McCook:
I hope they come together and find a way to respect and honor the marriage.

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