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The Bold and the Beautiful: 5 Pivotal Moments From This Past Incredible Week

The Bold and the BeautifulThe Bold and the Beautiful

Soap opera stories either crawl or fly by, meaning that sometimes we have to miss big developments. Never fear, Soap Hub is here to fill you in on what you missed last week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) arrived at Thomas’ (Matthew Atkinson) bedside but it wasn’t exactly the kind of visit that the resident cliff diver had in mind. Steffy explained that she was only there for two reasons: to tell him how much he has hurt her and to cut all ties with him — permanently!

Thomas hemmed and hawed (and cried) about how he did everything for the greater good but a rage-filled Steffy stopped him in his tracks. She told him that she and her daughter will never have contact with again and that, ultimately, she and everyone else involved will move on without — and be all the better for it.

Decisions, Decisions
Officer Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez) took Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) aside and let him know that the investigation into Emma’s death was being closed.

He also revealed that the D.A. wanted to grant Flo (Katrina Bowden) full immunity for co-operating with the authorities against Reese. However, he needed to know if the Forrester family will support the effort — if not they could proceed to trial but then all the family’s dirty laundry would be aired in public.

A Mother’s Plea
Shauna (Denise Richards) overheard much of the conversation and appealed to Ridge to agree to the plea deal so that Flo can go free. She reiterated how Flo was caught up in a scheme that was not of her own making and that she was trying to right her wrongs. She just needed someone like to Ridge to help her out.

Ridge agreed that he and the family will not try and block Flo’s deal but he made it clear that he was only doing this for Thomas — now no one can make accusations that Thomas killed Emma or, you know, reveal that he was in on the whole “lets keep a baby from her mother business.”

A Mother’s Rage
When Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) was told of Flo’s newfound freedom — and the circumstances surrounding it — she flew into a rage and rails at her husband. And furthermore, she did not want his son in HER house and around HER daughter until he got his freaking, “head screwed on straight!” She even broached the idea of getting a restraining order to bar Thomas from seeing Douglas.

Liquor and Women – A Bad Combination
A dejected Ridge made a hasty exit and headed to the Tiki Bar where he drowned his sorrows. He was joined by Shauna who assisted him to an upstairs room to sleep off his bender.

She undressed him (for some reason) and then planted a kiss on the unconscious man’s lips! The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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