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Does Thorne Need To Mind His OWN Business and Not Ridge’s On B&B?!

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Thorne hasn’t been back in Los Angeles very long, but he’s already edging his way into big brother Ridge’s territory on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB). First, he’s tried to ingratiate himself back into Brooke’s life and then he revealed to Eric that he’s taken up the family business — fashion designing!

Does “little brother” need to back off? Soap Hub asked B&B fans to weigh in on this. Read on for the results.

“Thorne” In His Side
Most of you, over 68%, feel that Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) needs to chill and stay out of Ridge’s business. Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) may not be Eric’s biological child, but the facts are that Ridge not only fell for Brooke first, but he also took up designing first. Thorne can find another woman if he wants to be partnered again.

And if he truly wants to design, he can do so overseas at Forrester International. Thorne should be his own man and not spend his time chasing after the life his older brother has.

His Own Man
Then there’s the 32% who feel that Thorne should be able to do whatever he wants because he loves Brooke, too. Thorne was faithful to Brooke. He’s not the Forrester who’s turned her down for other women including Caroline, Taylor, and Quinn. Thorne has a much better track record when it comes to being true to Brooke.

And as far as the designing goes, if it’s an inherited talent on any level then Thorne should be allowed to tap into that potential. He has Eric’s blood flowing through his veins whereas Ridge (barring a history re-write!) simply does not.

Game On
Ultimately, it’s good that Thorne has expanded into designing and is exploring his feelings for Brooke. It already has and will continue to bring great conflict to the House of Forrester.

Bill’s not really a threat to Ridge and Brooke’s happiness. The publishing magnate’s evil ways have taken him out of the running, certainly for now. Ridge needs a rival for Brooke’s heart to keep the story compelling and who better than Thorne to be the third player in what is already turning out to be a compelling triangle?

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