Should Paris Give Love A Chance With Zende on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Paris _ Zende The Bold and the BeautifulParis _ Zende The Bold and the Beautiful

Carter called out Zoe when he found out she had feelings for his pal Zende on The Bold and Beautiful, prompting Zoe to profess she truly does want to get married to the Forrester COO. This leaves Zende’s dance card open — should Zoe’s sister Paris get to know Zende better?

The Bold and the Beautiful Poll Results

Everyone deserves love including Paris (Diamond White). Soap Hub asked BB viewers if Paris should try dating Zende (Delon de Metz). Read on for the results.

Paris In Love

The majority of you, 63%, say that yes, Paris should explore a relationship with Zende, but with the caveat that she needs to take things slowly.

Paris has observed the pitfalls of rushing into a relationship too quickly after seeing her sister Zoe (Kiara Barnes) say yes to Carter’s (Lawrence Saint-Victor) proposal without giving it enough thought. Let things unfold naturally as they should. This way, Paris would know she’s getting something that’s going to last.

Why Wait?

Many of you, 24%, say, yes, Paris should date Zende and there’s no reason to wait. Why? The guy’s terrific! Good looks, style, a promising career, and a good guy — what more could a woman want?

Paris and Zende may want to avoid double-dating with Carter and Zoe until any uneasiness among the foursome subsides. In fact, if Paris and Zende decide to get married, they might want to not suggest a double wedding!

Stop! In The Name Of Love!

The rest of you, a bit over 13%, say that Paris should hold off on pursuing a relationship with Zende. He may need some time to get over his feelings for Zoe. And that’s not going to happen overnight! Paris has a great new career at the Forrester Foundation.

If she focuses on that while working on her relationship with her sister, time will pass. And when Zende is ready to open his heart, Paris will be there. Stay tuned to see what happens next. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for airtimes.

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