Thomas Forrester And Hope Cry Foul When Things Don’t Go Their Way

The B&B recap for Monday, February 13, 2023: Proof positive that Douglas is far more mature than both his parents.

the bold and the beautiful recap for monday, february 13, 2023 thomas forrester and hope logan huff in indignationThomas Forrester and Hope fail to take Douglas's blindside in stride.

On today’s Bold and the Beautiful episode, Thomas Forrester and Hope demanded that their child’s opinion be disregarded when he pulls a fast one.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Deacon (Sean Kanan) made a passionate, and ultimately futile plea to Sheila, and Finn (Tanner Novlan) indulged in his favorite pastime — ragging on Thomas. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Thomas Forrester And Hope Throw A Fit

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and Hope (Annika Noelle) could scarcely believe their ears. Did Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) just ask Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to take custody of him? Steffy?! Why, she’s not his parent — biological or otherwise. She’s merely an aunt. Why would Douglas want to live with her?

Surely it’s because Douglas doesn’t understand the ramifications of his request. Right? Wrong. Douglas made it very clear that he knew exactly what he was setting into motion. And he also had a damn good reason for doing it. By picking Steffy, he doesn’t have to disappoint either his daddy or his mommy.

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This isn’t going to stand, huffed Thomas, who then proceeded to demand that his sister deny Douglas’s request. Not gonna happen, replied Steffy. She loves that little boy, and she’s not prepared to tell him that his voice doesn’t matter. Douglas chose her and Finn, and she intends to honor that.

But, as she privately explained to Hope, she doesn’t foresee this being anything but temporary. In fact, Steffy’s more than certain that a few weeks spent at the cliff house with her and Finn will convince Douglas that he truly belongs with Hope and Liam (Scott Clifton).

That’s not good enough, pouted Hope. Too bad, countered Steffy. She intends to right by Douglas, whether Hope and Thomas appreciate her for it or not.

B&B Recap: Sheila Carter Calls Time

Though she’s obviously torn, Sheila demands that Deacon cease and desist his efforts to woo her…and when he leans in for a kiss, she shoots him down. HARD!

How absolutely dare he! How many times must she remind him that she’s Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) gal? And not for nothing, but she’s not in the least bit interested in being any man’s second choice. She knows that Deacon’s only shooting his shot because Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) wants nothing to do with him.

Not true, swore Deacon. He’s had a think, and he now knows with absolute certainty that Sheila is the woman for him. If only she’d open herself up to the possibility. If only she’d be honest about her own feelings.

Never going to happen, bellows Sheila. She loves Bill. LOVES him. He’s her equal in so many ways. And oh, how they understand one another. Oh, and by the by, it hasn’t escaped Sheila that Bill can put her back into jail just as easily as he got her out, so there’s that.

As greatly as it pained her, Sheila finally concluded that she must sever all ties with Deacon. That means no more visits to Il Giardino or his apartment, and he most certainly can’t EVER come back to Bill’s mansion.

Deacon was left totally distraught, but Sheila more so. During a private confab between her, herself, and she, Sheila resolved to forget. Forget all about Deacon. Forget all that they shared, all that they said. Easier said than done.

Finn Finnegan: Thomas’s Number One Hater

What do Douglas and Pluto have in common? Constant back and forth. One minute Pluto’s a planet, the next, it’s not, and just sixty seconds later, it’s back to being a planet but of the dwarf variety. Similarly, one minute Douglas is being raised by Thomas, the next, Hope’s his only legal guardian, and just like that, he’s back with Thomas for a short duration.

If there’s one thing that that boy needs, it’s stability — and he’ll never, ever get it from Thomas. Thomas is just the worst. Finn has absolutely no use for him, and neither does Li (Naomi Matsuda) if the truth were made known.

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