Thomas Anticipates A Return To Forrester After Disastrous Review

The B&B recap for Tuesday, January 24, 2023, sees Thomas Forrester anticipating a call to rescue Hope For The Future.

thomas forrester in grey shirt looking unbotheredThomas Forrester

On today’s Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas Forrester basks in the afterglow of the ribbing handed out to Hope For The Future’s newest line.

Bold and Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition to Thomas’s preening, Deacon (Sean Kanan) praised Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) for her success in getting out of prison, but he had a question that he hoped she would answer. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Thomas Forrester Wins Big

Times are tough for Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), what with him being ousted from Forrester Creations. Oh, and everyone in his family turning their backs on him. That’s been tough too. But it’s mostly the loss of his job that stings.

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Luckily for Thomas, he has Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) in his corner. Oh, Paris. Perfect Paris. Pretty, perfect, always able to see both sides of an argument, Paris. Sure, she knows that Thomas did wrong, but she also knows that Thomas’s heart was in the right place. That’s what matters. Well, at least that’s what should matter.

Still, Thomas is out, and Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz) — with an assist from Eric Forrester (John McCook) — is in. Also, don’t call Zende Paris’s boyfriend. They’re just good friends. That’s it. Got it? Good. Moving on, and back to Thomas.

Today is a banner day for Thomas, given that a review of HFTF’s latest offering has been posted. It’s not great. Don’t believe Thomas? Here’s a snippet: “After seeing [Zende and Eric’s designs], one thing is obvious — while the new design team shows signs of inspiration, it is a far cry from the artistry and creative innovation under Thomas Forrester.”

Ha, ha! Surely this means that they’ll soon be crawling back to Thomas, begging him for his input. Right? Is that what it means? Is it really going to be that easy?

B&B Recap: Sheila Carter and Deacon Catch Up

It’s also a banner day for Deacon, in light of him taking over Il Giardino, and Sheila very much wanted to offer her congratulations. She also wanted to reminisce about sexy times gone by, which pleased Deacon to no end.

Speaking of pleasure, it also pleased Deacon that Sheila was out and about and a free woman. As much as it pained him, Deacon had to thank Dollar Bill Spencer for coming through. Then again, it was really all down to Sheila, was it not?

After all, when last they spoke, she told Deacon that she’d soon be out of county lock up, and here she is. Note to everyone, everywhere: Sheila Carter is not someone to underestimate.

But Deacon has to know…what’s really going on between Sheila and Bill. He gets that they’re together, but are they, you know, “together” together? How much of this is Sheila outright using Bill for her own ends, and how much of this is Sheila actually being in love with Bill? The floor is Sheila’s.

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