Taylor Hayes Bats Her Lashes And Manipulates Deacon

B&B recap for Thursday, May 18, 2023: She swears she doesn’t have an ulterior motive but…she’s probably got an ulterior motive.

the bold and the beautiful recap for thursday, may 18, 2023, a smiling taylor hayes.Taylor Hayes.

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Taylor Hayes got Deacon all hot and bothered…about reuniting with Brooke.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, RJ (Joshua Hoffman) [lightly] hounded Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) about her life choices and Finn (Tanner Novlan) gave Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) the coldest of cold shoulders. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes Attempts To Play Matchmaker

At Il Giardino, Trattoria Rustica, Taylor (Krista Allen) did her best to buck up Deacon (Sean Kanan) but he couldn’t help but wonder if she was trying to take advantage of an advantageous situation. After all, if Deacon did manage to persuade Brooke to give him another chance, then that would clear the field for Taylor to reclaim Ridge (Thorsten Kaye).

Taylor swore she wasn’t out to help herself but to merely help out her new bestie and Deacon. She cares about Brooke…a whole lot. And Brooke’s never really spent time without a man in her life. She’s concerned. And it has nothing to do with Ridge. And to prove it, Taylor locked pinkies with Deacon.

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Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes Encourages Deacon

Taylor then continued to stroke Deacon’s ego, pointing out how he was currently living his best life and getting everything that he deserves — if only he didn’t suffer from such low self-esteem and if only he didn’t beat himself up for the choices he’s made in the past. He’s done a lot of bad, but look at him now!

His business is booming, he’s the talk of the town and a good guy — not to mention smart, funny, savvy when it comes to business and he’s “not terrible to look at.” Bonus: he’s someone that Brooke used to love, someone who she shares a child with.

With all that said, Taylor concluded that Deacon should stop doubting himself and what he can bring to the table. He is the table dammit! “Nothing sexier than a table,” came Deacon’s wry response.

B&B Recap: Romance Report

Over at Forrester Creations, Brooke interrupted RJ and Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) convo but was quickly filled in on the particulars, namely RJ’s concerns that Brooke still longs to get back together with Ridge.

Once Steffy took her leave, mother and son set down to chat in depth. RJ pressed her on whether or not she ever wished she hadn’t made that pact with Taylor not to pursue Ridge, and Brooke said that she didn’t.

RJ granted that he could get behind that because all he wants is to see her happy and satisfied whether that’s on her own or happily reunited with Ridge. Either way, he’ll support her 100%…but is she sure that she’s making the choice to forgo a reunion because it’s going to make her happy? Also, does she still think of Ridge as her soulmate? As her destiny? “You know the answer to that,” Brooke ruefully replied.

But she’s made a pact with Taylor, a pact that pleases her, and she intends to keep it. And if she and Ridge never get back together again, then she’ll be all right — as long as she has Taylor. Wonderful, wonderful, Taylor whom she holds so dear and trusts implicitly.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Fair Warning

Meanwhile, at the local detention center, Finn huffed to Sheila that he expects her to forgo reaching out to him either by letter or email. Furthermore, he won’t be visiting her again. Not EVER.

Before departing for what he swears will be the final time [yeah, right] Finn gives Sheila food for thought: “Use this time. Better yourself. Not for me, prove to yourself that you can be a positive influence on the world even from a prison cell.”

Instead of mulling her son’s wise words, Sheila silently swore to herself that “This is NOT over! You’ll see me again. You will see me again.”

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