Brooke Logan’s Confession Leaves Out The Juicy Parts

B&B recap for Tuesday, April 11, 2023: Brooke fessed up but left out some important information.

brooke logan confesses to taylor on the bold and the beautiful recap for tuesday, april 11, 2023Brooke Logan left out key parts when she confessed to Taylor.

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Brooke Logan admitted to Taylor that she and Ridge spent the (majority of the) night together, sidestepping the whole nearly making out bits and the fact that she was half naked a good amount of time.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Hope (Annika Noelle) and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) played off one another beautifully, while Liam (Scott Clifton) confided in his brother. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Brooke Logan Tells The Truth…Kind Of

At Forrester Creations, Taylor (Krista Allen) burst in on Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), anxious to hear how the night before went. Had she enjoyed her family get-together?

Brooke steeled herself, then admitted that Hope had actually begged off attending the dinner at the last minute in order to spend some quality time with her husband.

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Taylor then assumed that Brooke had canceled, but Brooke revealed that she and Ridge had dined together. That didn’t please Taylor one little bit.

Brooke swore that nothing untoward transpired between her and their mutual ex, and Taylor promised that she believed Brooke.

However, after Taylor made a good-natured joke about Brooke deigning to cook and Brooke insisted that “men…they come and go, but girlfriends last forever,” so the two hugged. It was clear from Taylor’s face that she wasn’t exactly taking Brooke at her word.

B&B Recap: Credit Where It’s Due

Across the hall, Thomas delighted Hope by showing off his latest creation — and the model donning it made an enemy of Hope by uproariously flirting with Thomas.

Everyone present — from Hope to Ridge to Zende (Delon de Metz) praised Thomas’s efforts to the heavens. The ridge in particular, gushed at his son’s talent and even threw a compliment Hope’s way for her decision to bring Thomas back aboard the line.

Afterward, Hope and Thomas poured over yet more designs, each one more perfect than the next. Oh, how Thomas perfectly executes Hope’s vision each and every time.

Liam Tries To Accentuate The Positives…

Meanwhile, at Il Giardino, Liam filled Wyatt (Darin Brooks) in on the events of the night before. Well, not all the events. He let what happened between him and Hope up to Wyatt’s pervy imagination.

What he very much wanted to discuss was the moments in which Hope seemed “off” and how, after their lovemaking, she got dressed “really really fast” and insisted on going and seeing her mom and how tense the convo seemed to be when Liam came calling.

The boys really didn’t get to the bottom of anything, but Liam felt better at having shared his burden.

Bold and Beautiful Recap: Brooke Logan Knows Best

Back at Forrester Creations, Ridge happened upon Brooke and Taylor’s private confab and insinuated himself. Talk turned to the night previous and how much he and Brooke had enjoyed themselves.

Quickly becoming the odd woman out, Taylor cracked a joke about the Brooke of old coming downstairs in a sexy nighty to lure Ridge in, which sent Brooke and Ridge reeling.

Ridge then steered the conversation to Hope and Thomas’s collaboration, and that got Brooke’s wheels turning. She excused herself — leaving Taylor to try and arrange a family dinner of her own with Ridge — and headed for the Chief Executive Officer’s office, where she eavesdropped on Hope, noting that Thomas was a true man of his word and that he had indeed changed for the better.

Brooke then revealed her presence and requested alone time with her daughter. Thomas obliged. Once the door was closed, Brooke got right to it by asking Hope, “Are you having feelings for Thomas?”

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