Will Thomas Forrester Fracture Braylor on Bold and the Beautiful?

Thomas might break up Braylor on The Bold and the Beautiful.

thomas forrester may ruin the braylor relationship on the bold and the beautiful.Thomas may tear apart Brooke and Taylor's friendship on B&B.

Matthew Atkinson is an expert at making us think that maybe, just maybe, Thomas Forrester has turned over a new leaf on The Bold and the Beautiful. Just when we think for sure that he’s a good guy, he’ll prove us wrong.

Thomas Forrester Is A Bold and the Beautiful Schemer

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) isn’t just a designer when it comes to sketches. He knows how to scheme to get what he wants. His methods can run to the extreme (he still hasn’t paid for running poor Emma Barber off the road to her death) to the more subtle, like calling Child Protective Services on himself. Will any current schemes he’s got in his head break up Taylor and Brooke’s friendship? It would certainly pave the way for Taylor and Ridge to reunite if Braylor broke up!

Braylor Forever

Thomas is wasting his time if he sets out to destroy Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor’s friendship, according to 15% of you. The two women have been through it all with Ridge. They’re not going to break up over him. Sure, Taylor’s going to side with Thomas related to his working alongside Hope. And Brooke prefers Hope and Liam to stay happily married. If things blow up again in that triangle, Brooke and Taylor may be at odds, but they won’t turn on each other.

Thomas Forrester Ignites a Mother’s Passion

Brooke is very protective of her children. That’s why 38% of you feel that Brooke will sacrifice anything — including her friendship with Taylor (Krista Allen) — if she thinks Hope’s (Annika Noelle) future happiness at home and at Hope for the Future is in jeopardy. Thomas had better watch his step!

Bold and the Beautiful Third Time’s the Charm

Thomas has tried to break up Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope with his silence over Beth being alive and also with the CPS call. The majority of you, 47%, say that the third time will be the charm. Thomas is crafty, and he’s likely learned patience. He’ll wait for the right moment and then strike to get Hope back into his life, leaving Liam out in the cold.

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