Brooke Logan Blasts Her Bestie For Her Betrayal

B&B recap for Friday, June 2, 2023: The Slut from the Valley calls out Taylor the traitor.

the bold and the beautiful recap for friday, june 2, 2023, a furious brooke logan.Brooke Logan on the warpath.

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Brooke Logan drags Taylor for her subterfuge.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Hope (Annika Noelle) speaks from experience when she attempts to explain to RJ (Joshua Hoffman) why Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) choosing herself might not be such a bad thing after all. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Brooke Logan Uncovers Taylor’s Subterfuge

At Il Giardino, Trattoria Rustica, an incredulous Brooke did her utmost to get to the bottom of what prompted Deacon (Sean Kanan) to suddenly propose that they give their relationship another shot.

She quickly deduced that someone put him up to it, and jumped to the conclusion that it was Hope. After resolving to speak with their daughter and set her straight — what Deacon and Brooke have is a special friendship, nothing more, nothing less — Brooke made a move to phone Hope only to be stopped cold by Deacon, who insisted that it wasn’t their offspring who forced the issue.

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Brooke then wondered if perhaps it had been Hollis (Hollis W. Chambers), Deacon’s good buddy and her one-off date. Strike two.

Then, it suddenly dawned. It must have been Taylor. But surely not. Surely it couldn’t have been. It surely wouldn’t have been. Was it Taylor?! Yes, yes it was. “And I thought our friendship meant as much to her as it did to me,” huffed Brooke, one perfect tear escaping from her right eye.

Deacon attempted to soothe Brooke’s ire, but it was to no avail. “It’s time for me to unfriend a friend,” she declared.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap: It’s All Relative

At Forrester Creations, Hope caught RJ in a state of undress [just another day at the office], and while he poured over a rack of shirts, the two discussed Brooke’s love life — or lack thereof.

RJ pondered whether or not Brooke would be able to go on without Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) in her life; Hope suggested that relationships are hard and require a lot of work and that it’s probably easier [perhaps even a relief] for Brooke to prioritize her friendship with Taylor and to keep her distance from Ridge.

What’s more, sometimes, “you can reach a point in your relationship where the old patterns and the old way of doing things just don’t work anymore.” That said, Hope does grant that a part of Brooke will always love Ridge.

B&B Recap: Confrontation Station

Across the hall, Taylor confessed to Ridge that she misses “the little things” like the way he looks through her right into her soul and that she’d been staying away from him while displaying false bravado. As for her vow, and her friendship with Brooke, well, she doesn’t think that Brooke has held up her end of the bargain very well when it comes to Ridge.

Taylor: “She’s been doing the same thing that she’s always done breaking vows. No honesty, no integrity… She hasn’t changed, Ridge. She’s doing the same thing that she’s done before. She’s the same person. Don’t fall for it. Not again.”

Doubly unfortunate for Taylor was Ridge’s being called away on urgent business and Brooke eavesdropping on the assassination of her character.

Once Ridge took his leave, Brooke barreled into the room and termed Taylor a “traitor…A BACKSTABBING TRAITOR!”

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