Brooke Happily Told Her Ex She’s Back With His Son

B&B recap for Tuesday, June 27, 2023: Three cheers for Miss Logan keeping it in the family.

brooke logan told eric forrester and donna logan the good news in the bold and the beautiful recap for june 27, 2023.Brooke Logan was all smiles.

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke Logan announced to loved ones that she and Ridge are a thing…again.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) broke Taylor’s (Krista Allen) heart, Steffy (Jaqueline MacInnes Wood) filled Finn (Tanner Novlan) on the goings on in Rome, and Liam (Scott Clifton) played mind games with Hope (Annika Noelle). Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap:

At Forrester Creations, Eric (John McCook), Donna (Jennifer Gareis), and R.J. (Joshua Hoffman) welcomed Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and heaped copious amounts of praise on her. And Hope too. But mostly Brooke. Didn’t she just look divine modeling one of those Hope For The Future numbers? Fantastic! Hotter than normal, insisted Donna.

Brooke chalked it all up to perseverance, commitment, and faith paying off, and the assemblage immediately guessed that she was talking about something other than the fashion preview.

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Who was it that put that twinkle in her eye and that smile on her face? Could it be….was it…not, couldn’t be…Ridge?! Had Rome worked its magic on the estranged pair? Yes, yes, it had. And yes, she and Ridge were back together.

This news was cause for celebration! Oh, how happy they all were for her. If ever there were two people meant to be together, it was Brooke and Ridge, declared Eric — aside from his and Donna, of course.

Delighted though he was, R.J. couldn’t help but worry about how Steffy and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) might feel. After all, with Ridge and Brooke reunited, that left their mom out in the cold.

Brooke wasn’t too bothered. After all, her once [and no doubt future] stepchildren had been great on the ride back to L.A., and she’s sure that they’ll accept the match…even if they are disappointed for Taylor on some level. And speaking of Taylor, Brooke revealed that he was telling Taylor about them as they all spoke.

B&B Recap: Marry Go Round

At Taylor’s office, Ridge did just what Brooke said he was doing. Taylor took it on the chin — barely. Still, she put up a good argument that Ridge was probably setting himself up for future heartache by giving his ex one final one last chance. Further food for thought: “Brooke Logan will always be Brooke Logan.”

Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Told Ya So

Meanwhile, Finn rejoiced at the sight of his wife coming home to him. After a quick cuddle and smooch, the mood darkened as Finn could tell that Steffy had something on her mind. As per usual, it was Hope and Liam related. But, what was it that Steffy so clearly wanted to tell him? Had she been right along? Did something happen between her brother and Liam’s wife? Bingo! What’s more, “Liam saw it with his own eyes.” She neglected to tell him all the rest, though.

B&B Recap: Accusatory Q&A

At his and Hope’s abode, a moody Liam bid Hope tell him all about her trip to Rome. Surely, they don’t call it the City of Eternal Love for nothing. Surely, Hope must still be riding the high of her glorious triumph. Hope tried to make merry, but it was clear that something was weighing on Liam, and she begged him to tell her what it was. Had something happened while she was away? Something to the kids? No, the kids were fine.

Casting her gaze to the floor beside her, Hope spied Liam’s luggage. Was he going on a business trip of his own? No, that can’t be right. The tags on the bag say Rome to LAX. “Were you in Italy,” Hope wondered. Yes, yes, he was. But why?

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