Brooke And Hope Sample Deacon Sharpe’s Signature Pie – And Dish About Sheila

The B&B recap for Tuesday, January 31, 2023: Deacon’s pizza was on point. His choice of ladylove was far off the mark.

bold and the beautiful recap for tuesday, january 31, 2023 image of deacon sharpe talking with hope, who's snacking on a piece of pizza, and brookeDeacon Sharpe, Hope Logan Spencer, and Brooke Logan

On today’s Bold and the Beautiful episode, Deacon Sharpe welcomed two taste testers’ opinions — but got a whole lot more than he bargained for.

Bold and The Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition to Deacon’s dilemma, Katie (Heather Tom) extracted quite the confession from Taylor (Krista Allen), and Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) recalled the worst night of his life. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Deacon Sharpe — Restaurateur

Much to Deacon’s delight, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Hope (Annika Noelle) swing by Il Giardino and unload the compliments. Boy, are they proud of Deacon. Then again, they both knew that he had it in him. All Deacon needed was a chance…and now that he’s got one, he’s making good.

Speaking of chances, Deacon’s taking a chance on adding his signature pizza to the restaurant’s menu and wondered if Brooke and Hope would take a bite and give their honest feedback. The two happily agreed.

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So what’s the verdict? Good, pretty good, both women agreed. But it could use a sauce that was a little less “American” and a little more authentically Italian. And the crust could be thinner. And the cook time could be cut by a minute or two. And…GOT YA! They loved it. No changes required — but another piece definitely was.

As has become the standard for all conversations as of late, talk soon turned to Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) and her…association(?)…romance(?)…with Bill.

What in the world could Bill be thinking? Could he be going through a mid-life crisis? Another one of his self-destructive streaks? After all, Sheila has zero redeeming qualities. She’s a criminal. She’s a sociopath. How could any man have a relationship with her? How indeed.

And yet, Deacon surely would love to be the one that Sheila was cozying up to. Does that make him crazy? Maybe it makes him a sucker. Sheila is really good at manipulation. Still, Deacon can’t help but fondly recall his and Sheila’s romantic night together at the very establishment he now owns. Besides, it drowned out Brooke and Hope’s besmirching his crush.

B&B Recap: Taylor Comes Clean

When pressed by Katie, Taylor finally admitted to being the person who shot Bill lo those many years ago. But even though she did a bad thing, Taylor argued that she wasn’t a bad person…just a person who gave in to their dark side — a side that everybody possesses, skeptical Katie included.

Even all these years later, Taylor can still remember that dreadful night. She can remember the Santa Anas kicking up. How the gate to Bill’s mansion was just hanging open. How she stalked down the drive and let herself inside. She remembers seeing the gun laid out on a side table and picking it up and firing. She remembers it all, and she’s so ashamed.

She’s also incredibly sorry. SO sorry. Okay, okay, decides an exasperated Katie — at least she knows the whole story now. But what can be done about Bill in the here and now?

Sheila Carter — Victim of Circumstance

After bringing up Bill’s shooting and really rather dampening the mood — which had been pretty cuddly and sweet up to that point — Sheila shared with her lover a realization. If someone like Taylor could snap and give in to her worst impulses, then there’s hope for her yet. Turns out she’s not a monster. Just a woman who’s made mistakes. Lots and lots of mistakes. And that’s something that Bill can relate to. They really do make the perfect team.

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