B&B Recap: R.J. Gets All Up In Hope And Liam’s Business

Screw whatever Thomas Forrester may have done to them in the past. They have Beth to think about!

the bold and the beautiful recap for thursday, august 17, 2023, three images, rj, hope, and liam.RJ gives Liam and Hope food for thought.

In The Bold and the Beautiful recap for August 17, 2023, RJ takes advantage of Beth’s birthday party to try and shame Hope and Liam into getting back together.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Ridge and Eric blow off Beth’s birthday party entirely to argue over whose design style is best. Like grown folks do. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

B&B Recap: Now Hear This

Donna (Jennifer Gareis), her sisters, and Hope (Annika Noelle) ensured the Forrester mansion was awash in Happy Birthday banners, glittery scales, crowns, and mermaid tails. RJ (Joshua Hoffman) joined Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Eric (John McCook) at the latter’s decidedly more sedate office.

Because he’d invited Liam (Scott Clifton) over for a serious talk, RJ beseeched his dad and grandpa to help him. Both happily agreed. After all, any excuse to meddle.

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Soon, Liam showed up and was sure he’d walked into an ambush. The men lectured him on why leaving Hope is the worst idea ever, insisting that every marriage has obstacles and that Liam and Hope can get through this latest hump.

Also, in case Liam had forgotten, he and Hope share a child. It shouldn’t be easy for either him or Hope to walk away when a child is involved. Wouldn’t poor little Beth be devastated when she realized her parents aren’t together anymore? Also, Liam should just forget about Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and what happened between him and Hope in Rome. That doesn’t matter…or, at least it shouldn’t.

What should matter was reuniting his family. Getting back together with Hope would be the best gift that Hope and Liam could possibly give Beth.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Back at the Forresters, Hope told her relatives to keep quiet about her and Liam’s separation. They hadn’t told Beth, and the little girl believed the lie that Daddy wasn’t home because he was working late every night.

Soon RJ and Liam showed up, and Hope’s baby brother cornered her and her ex. Despite Hope’s insistence that this was an inappropriate time to discuss matters, RJ persisted. Hope and Liam should do right by their kid and stay together. Do they really want to miss even a solitary second of her maturation? They had an opportunity to begin anew — if only they’d take it.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Katie (Heather Tom), and Donna could but cheer RJ on, and Beth’s subsequent declaration that — seeing as how she had everything she could want with her mommy and daddy — she had no wish to make, gave Hope and Liam obvious food for thought.

B&B Recap: Just Like Old Times

Back at FC, Eric floated the idea of collaborating with Ridge again, like the good old days, but within seconds they were at loggerheads. and Ridge swore that he just didn’t have time to devote to a father/son collab. (It looks like someone went back and watched the pilot episode on Youtube.)

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