B&B Recap: Detective Brooke Logan Gets A Whole Lot Of Clues

Better the amateur Cagney and/or Lacey rather than Liam Spencer. He would have really flipped his lid.

the bold and the beautiful recap for thursday, july 13, 2023, one image each of a security badge and a diamond ring, overlay image of brooke logan.Brooke Logan learned a hard truth about her daughter.

In the Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday, July 13, 2023, Brooke spied several of her daughter’s belongings in a most curious place. Of course, she had to check for further evidence.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) praised his son to high heaven, and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) threw [proverbial] stones from inside her already cracked glass house. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

B&B Recap: What A Sight!

At Forrester Creations, a newly energized Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) poured over a new design while Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) good-naturedly teased him about the face on the model’s avatar. Why, it was a dead ringer Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang)! Looks like their relationship was raised to another level thanks to Rome…and Carter convincing Ridge to peer through the Aventine Keyhole.

The trio’s conversation expectedly turned to Hope (Annika Noelle) and Thomas’s (Matthew Atkinson) smooch, and Brooke granted that her daughter had “gone a little off course.” Ridge suggested that it was but a little bump in the road. Nothing to worry about. Look how far they’d come.

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After bidding her husband don’t compare their epic love story to Hope’s travails, Brooke bemoaned that she hoped Hope and Liam (Scott Clifton) could get back on track.

Ridge pointed out that Thomas wasn’t actually to blame and pointedly wondered aloud whether or not Brooke believed that his son is a changed man. Brooke hedged. After all, she’s still got questions about what when on in Rome. However, she knows for a fact that it was Hope who pulled Thomas in for the kiss, and she does see that Thomas has kept his vow to be nothing short of professional while at work. She sees it, and she appreciates it.

Ridge suggested that Thomas would love to hear that from her own mouth, so Brooke made up her mind to swing by his place and relay her opinion. A few hardy knocks on the door of his abode and suddenly it was open. A quick scan of the room resulted in the discovery of Hope’s car keys, Forrester Creations badge, and *GASP* her wedding ring.

With no time to waste, Brooke rushed upstairs and barreled into Thomas’s bedroom — and what a sight she came upon. Thomas, on top of Hope, and Hope loving every second of it.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: She Who Is Without Sin…

Over at the cliff house, Finn (Tanner Novlan) brought Steffy some wine and snacks and the two counted their blessings. Oh, how happy Steffy is to have Finn back in her arms. It was agony thinking that he’d been taken from her forever.

That said and out of the way, it was time to grouse about Hope and her running to Thomas and ruining her marriage to Liam in the process. And this after Hope had sworn that she wasn’t the least bit interested in Thomas. To quote a huffy Steffy, “She really is a Logan after all.”

B&B Recap: Tempting Fate

Back at Forrester Creations, Carter and Ridge marveled over the stunning success of the latest Hope For The Future Line as well as the new designs that Thomas had submitted. Ridge bullishly declared that his son had moved well and truly on from his obsession with Hope and that Brooke had nothing to worry about where his son and her daughter were concerned.

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