Who Should Return to Keep B&B’s RJ Forrester Company?

RJ Forrester has no playmates on The B&B — yet.

rj forrester is flying solo these days on bold and the beautiful.RJ Forrester could use some pals on B&B.

The Bold and the Beautiful shined a focus on its younger set with the reintroduction of RJ Forrester. But the young man doesn’t have anyone his own age with whom he can interact — at least not yet.

RJ Forrester Needs Bold and the Beautiful Peers

In the past, B&B has had multiple characters from a younger set on the canvas at the same time (for example, Rick, Amber, CJ, and Kimberly or Dylan, Jessica, and Sly). However, RJ (Joshua Hoffman) seems to be the only person in his age range on the canvas. Who should come back home who’s around RJ’s age? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B fans.

Jack Be Nimble

A few of you, about 8%, say that RJ’s brother Jack should come back. B&B is known for its sibling wars. (Remember when Ridge and Thorne clashed over Caroline in the show’s early days?) But Jack received very few votes. Technically, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) provided the egg to bring Jack to life, but his legal parents are Taylor (Krista Allen) and Nick Marone (Jack Wagner). B&B, however, has rarely mentioned Jack. It’s possible he may never come back to the story canvas. RJ Forrester may have to settle to have brotherly battles with older sibling Thomas (Matthew Atkinson).

RJ Forrester Meet Lizzie Forrester

Lizzie’s a little younger than RJ. However, many of you, about 22%, say that she’d be the perfect person to come back and keep RJ company. Technically, RJ is Lizzie’s uncle as RJ’s older brother Rick (Jacob Young) is Lizzie’s dad. But the two are probably close enough in age that they’d feel more like contemporaries.

The Bold and the Beautiful and Rosie

Soaps are all about “haves” and “have not,” so who better to bring on than Amber’s (Adrienne Frantz) daughter Rosie whom she had with Marcus Forrester (Texas Battle)? That’s how 30% of you feel. Rosie might have inherited her mother’s moxie, but because her dad Marcus is also a Forrester (Eric adopted him), the young lady would have Forrester clout behind her. There are no blood ties between RJ Forrester and Rosie, so a romance might be possible.

Dueling Cousins

The rest of you, roughly 40%, say that the best person to bring back to the canvas to interact with RJ would be Will Spencer, Katie (Heather Tom) and Bill’s (Don Diamont) son. The two young men are cousins as their moms — Brooke and Katie — are sisters, so there’s a blood tie there. They have in common strong fathers who are probably not opposed to having their sons follow in their professional footsteps. Right off the bat, Will and RJ would have something in common.

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