Should Taylor Hayes Let Brooke Out of Their B&B Deal Over Ridge?

Dr. Taylor Hayes may tell Brooke Logan words she subconsciously wants to hear on B&B.

brooke and taylor hayes have a pact on bold and the beautiful - for now.It may be time for Taylor Hayes and Brooke Logan to strike a new B&B deal.

The Bold and the Beautiful fans were shocked when both Taylor Hayes and Brooke Logan chose themselves — and each other — over Ridge Forrester. They’ve mostly agreed to their deal to stay away from the legendary designer. However, nothing in soaps or in life is forever.

Taylor Hayes & Brooke: A Bold and Beautiful Deal

The episodes from Rome that B&B recently taped haven’t aired yet, but there’s already buzz out there that Ridge and Brooke reunite in Italy. Time will tell if they do or not but Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) stands to be odd woman out once again if Bridge reunites. Should Taylor let her bestie Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) off the hook and okay (another) re-pairing? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B viewers.

Bold and Beautiful: Caught Unaware

Some of you, 19%, say that Taylor shouldn’t renegotiate with Brooke for the simple reason that she doesn’t have any reason to. Taylor’s been busy setting Brooke up on dates with Hollis (Hollis W. Chambers) and being her confidante. She has no reason to suspect that Brooke wants to get back with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). So there’s no need to give her permission.

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes, Do Me a Solid

Many of you, about 28%, say that Taylor may give Brooke the okay to reunite with Ridge but first, Brooke is going to have to ask her. Taylor’s a world-renowned psychiatrist, but she’s not a mind reader. Taylor’s responsible for her own life — not Brooke’s. If Brooke asks Taylor if it’s okay to date Ridge, Taylor probably will give her blessing. We doubt she’ll be surprised, either.

B&B: A Bridge Too Far

The rest of you, 53%, feel that Taylor should be proactive and give Ridge and Brooke their blessing. She’s been around long enough to know that sooner or later, these two are going to want to reunite. Why not do a preemptive strike, so to speak, and give Brooke her approval? Taylor can agree to dissolve the pact and then let what happens happen.

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