Should B&B’s Hope Logan Succumb to Her Attraction to Thomas?

Should Hope spice up her life with Thomas Forrester?

hope logan is attracted to thomas forrester on bold and the beautiful.If Hope gives into passion with Thomas, her life could change forever on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Hope Logan Spencer may be telling herself and everyone else that she’s not her mother, Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful. However, deep down, she’s fighting an attraction for the seemingly reformed Thomas Forrester, her design partner at Hope for the Future.

Hope Logan: Decisions, Decisions

Part of the problem is that Thomas’s (Matthew Atkinson) reformed act may not be an act this time around. The ex-bad boy appears to have turned over a new leaf. That’s probably making it harder for Hope (Annika Noelle) to resist Thomas. Should she give in to her feelings? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B fans.

B&B: Laminated List

Some of you, about 6%, say that Hope should have one singular romp with Thomas. Go ahead. Get it out of your system, Hope. Heck, husband Liam (Scott Clifton) owes you a pass. You did forgive him for sleeping with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), his ex-wife and mother of their daughter Kelly, after Liam mistakenly believed that Thomas and Hope were being intimate. In reality, Thomas had a break from reality and directed his attention to the Hope mannequin.

Hope Logan: A Bold and the Beautiful Affair to Remember

Many of you, about 32%, say that Hope should go for it and have a messy affair with Thomas. All she needs to do is take a page from her mom’s playbook. Have the affair. Cry a lot. Tell everyone you never meant to hurt anyone. Feel bad. This could result in Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) and Beth getting a new sibling. Everyone else seems to get away with having an affair on B&B. Why can’t Hope?

B&B: Cold Shower

The majority of you, 62%, say that Hope simply cannot cheat on Liam. First off, she loves her husband, her family, and her work. A romp in the hay with Thomas will put Hope’s relationship with all three of these things in jeopardy. Hope needs to take a step back and distance herself from Thomas. If she doesn’t, she could lose everything. Plus, Liam will be doing the “I Told You So” dance for the rest of his life!

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