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Katherine Kelly Lang Recalls Brooke Logan’s B&B Battle for BeLieF

In 1993, Brooke Logan was on the outs with the Forrester family. She’d given birth to little Eric — Eric Forrester’s son, and Bridget, who…

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In 1993, Brooke Logan was on the outs with the Forrester family. She’d given birth to little Eric — Eric Forrester’s son, and Bridget, who was believed to be Ridge Forrester’s, but neither man was in her life. Viewers learned that despite being down, Brooke was far from being out. Katherine Kelly Lang recalls to Soap Hub what it was like to see her character Brooke turn things around.

Katherine Kelly Lang Recalls Brooke Owning BeLieF

Eric (John McCook) was wed to Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) and Ridge was married to Taylor Hayes. Forrester Attorney Steve Crown (Perry Stephens) alerted Eric to the fact that Brooke hadn’t signed an employee agreement when she created the profitable BeLieF patent, which Forrester Creations was relying upon heavily for future profits.

Eric, Ridge, and Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) decided to lie to Brooke, hoping to trick her into signing away her rights. The truth came out, but Brooke was still going to give the Forresters the BeLieF patent up until she realized that not only had the Forresters lied to her but also they had Steve pose as Brooke’s masseur. While massaging Brooke, Steve tried to pry secrets out of her and reported back to Eric and Stephanie.

Brooke’s Boardroom Power Play

Before signing away her rights, Brooke realized Steve was a fraud. Betrayed, Brooke and her own lawyer — Ridge’s high school rival Connor Davis (Scott Thompson Baker) — presented the Forresters with a contract. It stated that Brooke would sign over rights to BeLieF to Forrester Creations in exchange for a big salary, a list of perks (including Stephanie’s office!), an on-call driver 24/7, and 51% (!) of the company’s stock, effectively making her the boss of the Forresters.

Lang shined in this story as Brooke asserted herself in a way viewers had never seen. In fact, when Stephanie slapped Brooke — as she was known to do — Brooke actually struck the Forrester matriarch back. She had had enough. Ironically, Lang admits to having misgivings about taking on such a powerful tale. “I remember I was questioning myself,” the actress shares with Soap Hub. “I asked myself, ‘Can I really do this? Can I have this strength in this character?'”

Katherine Kelly Lang Had BeLieF in Brooke

As the story got underway, Lang embraced Brooke’s new role as a force at Forrester Creations and began to feel empowered. “Once I had a little taste of it, I remember loving it,” she says. “I thought this is going to be great. I remember those scenes to this day and how fun they were. I had monologues going off on the Forrester family. I got to be angry and fight back. It was great. It was such a turn for the character.”

Brooke used her new position to ingratiate herself into Ridge’s life even though he was wed to Taylor. As a businesswoman, Brooke proved to be very astute bringing to Forrester Creations both the Men’s Line and Brooke’s Bedroom.

Years later, the Forresters managed to regain controlling interest in the company. Later, Stephanie learned from her pal Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper), who crossed over from The Young and the Restless, that Steph’s father put Forrester Creations in a trust for her.

Today, Eric and his granddaughter Steffy Forrester Finnegan (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) are the majority shareholders. However, longtime B&B fans recall when Katherine Kelly Lang’s Brooke ran the show as she took her feud with Stephanie to new levels. You can check out the details of Brooke’s BeLieF story in the videos below.

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Video Credit: Domenico Della Valle/YouTube

Video Credit: Brooke Lover/YouTube

Video Credit: Domenico Della Valle/YouTube

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