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Why Is Weird RJ Forrester So Obsessed With His Sisters’ Love Lives On B&B?

It seems like all RJ does on B&B is meddle in Hope and Steffy’s love lives.

rj forrester is obsessed with hope and steffy's love lives on b&b.Hope, RJ, and Steffy.

Since RJ Forrester has returned to Los Angeles and The Bold and the Beautiful scene, he has essentially done nothing except obsess over his family members’ love lives. But his interest in his sisters’ love lives is an over-the-top combination of somewhat weird and totally creepy.

RJ Forrester Needs A Life

Isn’t RJ (Joshua Hoffman) supposed to be a jet-setting young social media influencer with a massive following? If so, why isn’t he taking advantage of all the fun that has to offer a Gen Z’er in this day and age rather than traveling around B&B’s fictional version of L.A. checking on his sisters’ love lives?

Granted, his interest in Steffy’s (Jacquline MacInnes Wood) love life is promoted by Finn (Tanner Novlan). For some reason, he has no friends his age, so he has been turning to his young brother-in-law for marital advice.

Steffy left him due to Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), but we are supposed to believe RJ, a kid barely out of his teens who has never had a serious romance, is the man to help him save Finn’s marriage. If anything, all RJ has learned is that Liam (Scott Clifton) has been nosing around Steffy since his marriage to Hope (Annika Noelle) took a divorce-ready turn.

That brings us to RJ’s super obsession — everything that has been going on with Liam and Hope.

RJ (And Brooke) Need To Butt Out on B&B

It’s one thing to have your advice solicited, as Finn has done with RJ. It’s a whole other thing to insert yourself in someone else’s marriage troubles — especially your sister’s. Yes, B&B characters often spend their time chatting about others’ romantic travails, but that weirdness has become a bit egregious of late.

We are used to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) telling Hope that Liam is her destiny no matter how much he can’t stay away from Steffy. She’s been telling her that since she was a teenager, urging Hope to lose her virginity to this man just so she could compete with Steffy. Heck, she even sent her teenage daughter to a sex therapist to make this happen. So, it’s not surprising that Brooke is well aware that Liam just declared his love for Steffy but still trying to push a now-thirtysomething Hope to reunite with her little puke of a husband.

What is surprising is RJ’s passionate obsession with this. He is also aware that Liam has been all over Steffy for the last six weeks, but he doesn’t care. In fact, he looks like he is going to burst into tears as he pleads with Hope not to throw her marriage away to be with his own brother, who actually happens to love Hope and only Hope. Um, calm down, RJ. Maybe Hope actually knows what she is doing here.

And, Maybe RJ should go take a day off, enjoy the beach, visit a club in the evening, and be a young person not obsessed with his siblings. Yes, RJ should go enjoy some “me time” before he gives himself a stroke at just 20-something years old just because Hope has grown weary of Liam.

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