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Why Doesn’t RJ Forrester Have a Story on Bold and the Beautiful?

The Forrester grandson needs a storyline of his own on B&B.

it's time for rj forrester to have a storyline on bold and the beautiful.RJ Forrester.

Summer is winding down as we’re getting close to Labor Day. Curiously, Joshua Hoffman, who plays RJ Forrester on Bold and the Beautiful, still doesn’t have a storyline to call his own.

RJ Forrester: In Search of a Storyline

Soap Hub has addressed the issue of RJ not having a storyline before, and we hoped we wouldn’t have to again. A little over a month ago, we noted that summer is a traditional time when younger characters are put in the forefront. B&B laid the groundwork for a new young teen set last spring when Hoffman debuted as RJ. However, the young man hasn’t been given a traditional storyline yet.

B&B: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

Soaps are known for having hot guys in their casts and also characters that are “talk to’s” — people who listen (and “talk to”) other characters about their problems. These two types of people aren’t usually the same person, but that’s just what RJ has become. Ironically, he stayed away from Los Angeles for a few years because of family drama, but that’s all RJ seems to be involved with since coming home.

RJ Forrester: Psychiatric Advice

We’ve seen RJ listen to Finn (Tanner Novlan) spout off about Liam (Scott Clifton), and RJ has also been a sounding board for Hope (Annika Noelle). Despite his youth and the fact that (as far as we know) he hasn’t had much experience in relationships, RJ seems quite capable of offering advice and/or suggestions to people much older than him. Told by his half-sister Hope that she’d already signed divorce papers, RJ passionately suggested that she “tear them up! It’s not official yet. You don’t have to go through with this.” So much for staying away from family drama.

The Forrester Legacy

B&B made a point of saying that RJ wasn’t just any character when he returned. He is, after all, “Ridge Forrester, Jr.” We inferred that the character would be a bit of a playboy just like his dad, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). But all we’ve seen RJ do since his return is advise other people about their issues and flirt a smidge with some models while flexing his muscles at the Forrester Creations gym. Hoffman has a winning charm and seems to be able to hold his own with seasoned veterans on the show in expository scenes. Let’s see if he can do more with a story all of his own.

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