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Why Is The Bold and the Beautiful’s Honey Bear Still Married To Quinn?

The Bold and the Beautiful

When a soap opera leaves fans with a shocker of a scene and then doesn’t pick up where that scene left off until about half a year later, that’s some slow storytelling, but that’s apparently what The Bold and the Beautiful decided to do with Eric Forrester’s discovery that his erectile dysfunction was cured just by ex-wife Donna Logan licking honey off her fingers.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Eric Is One Happy Man

Yes, it’s true that Donna (Jennifer Gareis) licked those fingers back in October but we never learned why Eric (John McCook) — AKA Honey Bear to Donna — never pursued Donna when he realized his main problem with wife, Quinn Fuller Forrester (Rena Sofer), was that he didn’t want her, not that he couldn’t perform in general. In May, we have finally learned that Eric has apparently been having an affair with Donna all this time, while ostensibly still telling Quinn he wanted their marriage to work.

In fact, Eric has never been happier and he told Donna just that as they lounged in bed while Quinn thought her beloved husband was out playing a game of pickleball. That doesn’t seem strange at all and Quinn is just happy her husband is staying active. Yes, he is staying active all right but it’s not with her.

Quinn Fuller Forrester Is Being Taken For A Fool

As Quinn sat there with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor), a man who truly was in love with her, and lamented that it’s taking a very long time to heal her marriage, but she’s willing to still work at it, we had to wonder why Eric didn’t just end things with Quinn if he is so happy with Donna. And who is worse than whom here?

Last year, Quinn turned to Carter when Eric repeatedly rejected her and made her feel unloved and unattractive. Yes, Quinn had played a dirty trick on Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) when she made him think he married Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) in Vegas, but Eric told Quinn he had forgiven her and she had no reason to not believe him.

Eric learned of Quinn’s affair with Carter and kicked her out of the house once again, but then took her back and explained he was suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Quinn broke things off with Carter, returned to her husband, and was stunned when Eric asked Carter to sexually satisfy his wife. Then, to add to the head games, he changed his mind on that end, as well.

Although Carter wanted Quinn to run away with him, she returned to her husband to make their marriage work, having no idea he was sleeping with Donna the whole time. And neither did we! And why is he married? Could Eric really be that vindictive over an affair that he knows ended? If so, that is pretty rotten and we can’t wait to see what Quinn does once she finds out.

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