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Should Bold and the Beautiful’s Donna Sue for Wrongful Termination?

The Bold and the Beautiful Donna Logan

Quinn Fuller Forrester laid down the law with Eric Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. She insisted that Donna Logan be sent packing from Forrester Creations as she’s a threat to her marriage. Should Donna walk away empty-handed?

The Bold and the Beautiful: Is There A Case?

Eric (John McCook) agreed to Quinn’s (Rena Sofer) demand and set out to gently let Donna (Jennifer Gareis) go from the company. Before he could say “you’re fired,” Donna agreed to pack up her desk and go. Should she demand a hefty severance package or even more? Let’s face it, she’s lost her job because she got a rise out of Eric that Quinn simply wasn’t able to do. If Eric got a rise, doesn’t Donna deserve a raise?

B&B: Money Talks

The majority 51% of you feel that Donna should sue Forrester Creations for wrongful termination. Surely, she must know about the time Brooke held the Forresters’ feet to the fire when they wanted control of BeLieF, which Brooke had created and owned.

Donna could ask for enough money to be set for life and it wouldn’t dent the Forrester millions. A good attorney would point out that Donna flirted with Eric but as the boss, he should have put a stop to it and told her to go back to her desk.

No Bold And The Beautiful Pay Day

Nearly 37% of you say that Donna’s case wouldn’t hold up in court. It’s not like Eric came on to her. Donna let her ex-husband know that she still loved him and showed that she still carried honey around in her purse. That was opening a door and it’s not Eric’s fault that he walked through it. Donna’s no innocent. She can get another job elsewhere at another business.

Compromise, Maybe

The rest of you, about 12%, say that Donna should settle with the Forresters — but not for a big buyout. Instead, she could be given other duties and be allowed to work remotely. After all, many people have learned to do that. Donna could either work from her home in Los Angeles — or perhaps, she could work very remotely and get a gig at Forrester International. Isn’t that where ex-love Thorne is? Maybe Donna could land a Forrester man yet!

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