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Why Felicia Forrester Needs to Come Back to B&B Right Away

Felicia Forrester could help her dad Eric in a way that no other family member can on B&B.

eric on the phone and felicia forrester next to him on the bold and the beautiful.Is Felicia Forrester just what B&B needs?

Designer Felicia Forrester loves her dad, Eric, on Bold and the Beautiful very much. So, who is better qualified than she is to come back to the show’s canvas and help her dad with his arthritis and his desire to design a new line?

Felicia Forrester: Missing in Action

It’s terrific that we’re seeing Daytime Emmy-winner John McCook back on the front burner as Eric on B&B. He’s been absent from a main story for too long, and it was music to our ears when we heard Eric blast Ridge for how his office has been taken over by pretty much everyone else at Forrester Creations. It’s also great to see Joshua Hoffman do more than stick RJ’s nose into his family members’ love lives. But there’s a key ingredient missing from this story — we’re talking about Felicia (Lesli Kay).

We’re seeing Eric guide RJ on how to help bring his designs to life. And while we’re not fashion designers here at Soap Hub, we’re not quite sure that that’s how top fashion house creations are brought to life. RJ has no training, and there’s only so much guidance Eric can give to a novice. If Eric wants to truly create a professional line of Forrester originals, he’s going to need an experienced designer — Felicia!

B&B: Designing Woman

Not only does Felicia have a background in fashion and design, but she knows her father very well. She’s lived through past conflicts between Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and her dad. Felicia herself has created her own lines over the years. She knows her father’s work and his mind. Felicia is far more qualified to be her father’s ally than RJ would be.

Not only would having Felicia back help Eric with his designs, but his daughter could also check in on his relationship with Donna (Jennifer Gareis). We’ve seen Donna be nothing but supportive of Eric. She wisely commissioned a photo of Eric — not herself — to hang over the Forrester mantel. But can Donna pass the “Felicia test?” It’s only natural that Eric’s children would be concerned about the woman in his life.

Felicia Forrester: Bringing Drama and Dominick

Kay, a Daytime Emmy winner for her role as Molly on As the World Turns, brings gravitas and history to her role as Felicia Forrester. The character’s return would not only bring credibility to Eric’s design story, but she’d also be able to give RJ a break from being the family member who keeps up on everyone else’s love life.

Also, RJ has been pretty much an island in terms of being a member of the show’s younger set. Felicia has a son, Dominick Damiano, who’s probably around RJ’s age. Bringing Dominick on as well would give RJ a pal to hang out with or perhaps a rival. Felicia and Dominick’s return doesn’t mean seeing less of RJ — it could actually lead to him being seen more often.

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