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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton plays Liam like a member of your own family on B&B.

scott clifton played a man in turmoil on b&b.Scott Clifton showcased Liam's angst on B&B.

Scott Clifton brings such a likable charm to his role as Liam Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful, it almost feels like you’re hanging with a pal when you watch the troubled husband muse through life’s challenges. That was certainly the case as Liam grappled with whether or not he should go to Italy to help save his marriage to wife Hope.

Scott Clifton – Performer of the Week

Clifton may play Liam like an everyman but most guys don’t have to worry about their wives flying off to romantic destinations like Rome, Italy, with their business partner, who is tall, dark, handsome, rich, and who designs expensive dresses for a living. Still, the actor brings a relatability to his role. He played Liam as keeping a brave face as Hope (Annika Noelle) prepared to go to Rome with a contingent of Forrester Creations workers (including Thomas, played by Matthew Atkinson).

In scenes laced with a little bit of comedy with his brother Wyatt (Darin Brooks), Liam groused to his sibling that he wasn’t up for being a third wheel at his wife’s business event. A well-intentioned Wyatt couldn’t help but point out that Thomas and Hope would be together in a romantic part of the world. “I’m curious as to know how you think this is helping,” a jaw-dropped Liam asked his brother.

“I kind of don’t want a front row seat to the ‘Hope and Thomas Show’, singing each other’s praises, clasping hands as they take a bow together,” Liam said to his brother, tagging on a faux vomit gesture. Still, Liam and Hope addressed him joining everybody in Rome. Alas, like many of us do in life, Liam overthought things. At first, he insisted on being the supportive husband; he wanted Hope to enjoy the spotlight alone, going so far as to suggest that Thomas stay behind in Los Angeles.

Liam’s case for Thomas to remain stateside was both logical and passionate. “It just doesn’t feel right,” Liam firmly stated. You’d almost think Liam would make a good attorney as he’s armed with both facts and emotions as he presents his side. Sensing his wife’s anguished state, Liam dropped the matter as Hope wheeled her bag out the door and went off to her flight. Later, Liam dropped by Il Giardino for a drink and some food, but he found a sympathetic ear in father-in-law Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan). Asked by Deacon if he’d told Hope how he feels, Liam couldn’t help but chuckle. Liam pointed out that Hope’s the one who always gets hurt when Thomas shows his true colors.

It wasn’t until Liam started pumping iron at the Forrester Creations gym with brother-in-law RJ (Joshua Hoffman) and Finn (Tanner Novlan) that the blood started rushing to his brain, bringing clarity to his problem. First, Liam told his gym buddies that he didn’t want to be the “creepy, jealous husband who’s keeping tabs on his wife.”

However, Finn (with help from RJ) shined a new light on Liam’s situation, suggesting he looked upon going to Rome as a romantic gesture. That did the trick! Clifton had Liam’s face lit up with joy. He felt so much better about Hope and Thomas once he made a proactive decision to make his presence known. We’re rooting for Liam to win — how could we not since Scott Clifton makes him so relatable?

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