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Soap Hub Performer of the Week for B&B: Katherine Kelly Lang

Soap Hub Performer of the Week for B&B: Katherine Kelly Lang

Brooke has had many complicated relationships on The Bold and the Beautiful – but nothing quite touches her dynamic with Deacon Sharpe, Hope’s father. For sensitively explaining just who Deacon is, and examining her own relationship with him, Soap Hub is bestowing Performer of the Week for B&B honors on Katherine Kelly Lang, who plays Brooke.

Katherine Kelly Lang – Performer of the Week

Hope (Annika Noelle) asked her mother why she has pretty much steered her away from having a relationship with Deacon (Sean Kanan) her whole life. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) began telling Hope that her main purpose was to protect her but then went on to say that Deacon being back in town fills her with a great amount of shame.

The B&B writers have given Brooke all kinds of romantic entanglements over the years in addition to being in love with true love Ridge. Brooke has been involved with Eric (John McCook), Thorne (Winsor Harmon), and other men, but those relationships came about when Brooke and Ridge were apart.

Granted, Brooke wasn’t involved with Ridge when she was with Deacon but Deacon was Brooke’s very own son-in-law. Her daughter Bridget (Jennifer Finnegan; Ashley Jones) was in love with Deacon. Brooke’s head told her not to get involved with the bad boy but her heart couldn’t resist the vulnerable hottie who’d led a troubled life.

Brooke didn’t mean to hurt Bridget (she never means to hurt anyone!) but she went ahead and had a fling with Deacon. Brooke became pregnant with Hope and she covered that she was involved with Whip Jones (Rick Hearst) so that Bridget wouldn’t find out about the affair. Bridget did, however, and the family almost didn’t survive.

“You have to know how precious you are to me,” Brooke told Hope, trying to emphasize that something wonderful had come out of her relationship with Deacon — but at a price.  “I did some indefensible things,” Brooke added. She explained that Deacon was there for her when Ridge wasn’t. Still, a tearful Brooke said that being with Deacon was a mistake and was the worst betrayal of her life given that Deacon was her son-in-law. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) hastened to add that Hope wasn’t one of her mistakes; she says she’s blessed to have Hope in her life!

The show effectively loaded one of the episodes last week with Brooke and Deacon flashbacks from the time of their affair and shortly after Bridget’s birth. After jumping back to the present day, viewers saw the look on Brooke’s face – she appeared to be thinking that her time with Deacon wasn’t all that bad, but Brooke couldn’t bring herself to tell Hope that. She wants to protect her child from the bad parts of Deacon.

Hope pushed her mother to examine why she ignored all the red flags with Deacon – was it because she loved him despite those warnings? Perhaps despite herself, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) couldn’t help but start to remember more happy, intimate moments with Deacon.

Later, Deacon showed up at Brooke’s house. She was surprised, happily, to learn from Deacon that he was breaking things off with Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). Deacon said he was sorry for everything that had happened in the past but Brooke threw up a shield of mock indignation, telling Deacon she didn’t want an apology.

Brooke was taken aback after Deacon shared with her that he still wants a future with her. Then, Hope entered, asking Brooke to let Deacon stay and remain a part of her life. Brooke had no words, but a single tear that flowed down her left cheek betrayed that she has been affected by both Deacon and Hope’s pleas.

Katherine Kelly Lang is going to celebrate 35 years as Brooke Logan Forrester next year and the actress continues to deliver with the enthusiasm of a daytime newcomer. Brava!

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