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Here’s How Sheila Carter Can Get Out of Jail on Bold and the Beautiful

Sheila Carter is behind bars — for now — on B&B.

sheila carter is behind prison bars on the bold and the beautiful.How could Sheila Carter become a free woman?

Sheila Carter has been in tough spots before, only to find a way out of them on The Bold and the Beautiful. However, she’s got a challenge ahead of her as she’s currently behind bars, and the authorities have a solid case against the naughty nurse.

Sheila Carter: Bold and the Beautiful Prison Break

How can Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) get out of prison so she can get back to terrorizing the Forrester family? There are a few avenues the show could take in order to make this happen. After all, B&B is about fashion, and the standard prison jumpsuit color — orange — is simply not Sheila’s color!

B&B: Attorneys Are Us

The first thing Sheila needs to do is hire a great lawyer. Jack Finnegan (Ted King) may have turned Sheila down for representation, but there are other legal eagles out there who could take her case. Our suggestion is to have Sheila contact an attorney in Genoa City, her old stomping grounds.

Perhaps Michael Baldwin (Christian Le Blanc) or Leslie Michaelson (Angel Conwell) could cross over to B&B and take on Sheila’s case? Either of them might be able to prove that Sheila’s confession was illegally obtained and is, therefore, inadmissible in a court of law.

Sheila Carter AKA Mrs. Eric Forrester

In addition to finding a good attorney, Sheila needs an ally. Eric (John McCook) has been somewhat sympathetic to Sheila in the past. Of course, he’s not likely to have any positive feelings towards Sheila, given her recent crimes.

However, what if it came to light that Sheila and Eric’s divorce was never finalized and that she is actually still Mrs. Eric Forrester? Not only would the late Stephanie (Susan Flannery) roll over in her grave, but this revelation would also give Sheila some clout and potential financial backing. Sheila needs a win in her column right now, and finding out she’s still connected to the powerful Forresters could be the boost that gives her hope.

The Bold and the Beautiful: A Medical Crisis

Nothing brings redemption like giving up an organ. Remember how Flo (Katrina Bowden) got in good with the Logans after she selflessly donated a kidney to Katie (Heather Tom)? What if baby Hayes faced a medical emergency and only Sheila, the tot’s paternal grandmother, could provide a life-saving measure? That’s not going to get her an invitation to the Forrester home for the holidays, but it could be the beginning of earning her a sliver of goodwill from her victims.

B&B Face Off

Another way to get “Sheila” back out on the streets is to write into the show some kind of dual role for Brown and reveal that the woman who shot Finn (Tanner Novlan) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) wasn’t the real Sheila after all. We’ve seen other Sheila doppelgängers — like the one played by Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) on Y&R. (That’s never fully been explained, by the way — just who was she?) If there can be one fake Sheila out there, perhaps there can be another.

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