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Bill’s Shooter REVEALED On The Bold And The Beautiful–You’ll NEVER Guess Who It Is!

Bill The Bold and the BeautifulBill The Bold and the Beautiful

For weeks, fans have been wondering who hated Bill Spencer enough to go to his house on a windy night and fire a shot into his back on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB).

Now, after several candidates have been questioned one unlikely suspect takes center stage as the true culprit!

My Son, My Enemy
According to published reports, Bill’s shooter will be revealed to be his own son, Liam, and if you’re wondering if Liam was putting on an act when he sat at Bill’s bedside and vowed to find his shooter, he wasn’t.

It’s The Boss!
To make this story work, B&B went back through Liam’s history and remembered something–namely that Liam could be forgetful. At one time, he forgot his entire life–his name, his identity, everything. And, he thought he was married to Quinn.

So, that memory loss comes into play again when it came time to write Bill’s shooting story. Liam just plain forgot that he shot his dad and didn’t even realize what was happening.

Stay Tuned
It’s hard to say when Liam will discover that he is the shooter. Just as his memory slowly returned to him when he was involved with Quinn, Liam will eventually start to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Since Bill (Don Diamont) was desperate to win Liam’s forgiveness for sleeping with his wife he’ll likely know have a card to play with his estranged son. Bill, if and when he recovers, will use the knowledge that Liam shot him as leverage to get his son back into the family fold — if that’s what he’ll still want!

What Bill will want with Steffy after all this is anyone’s guess.

The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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