The Young and the Restless

Y&R Weekly Spoilers Update

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Comments (12)
  1. Barbara Richards says:

    So Luca is really falling for Summer, I hope he fall hot and heavy for her and she drops him like a hot potatoe.

  2. Kim Hoke says:

    I just love Y&R been watching since I was 12. It’s time for Victor to pay for what he’s done a little time in jail won’t hurt him. Adam has had it rough hope things turn around for him. Can’t wait until June 6th going to be a great week for Y&R.

    1. Micheline Dallaire says:

      I agréé Victor should Pay for all He did

  3. Valerie says:

    How about Cane sporting a square cut swimsuit? I could go for some of that.

  4. Micheline Dallaire says:

    I dont like the new Billy. I dont like his look.

  5. M Miller says:

    I love Billy… He plays the part very well! Lots of charisma!

  6. Bibbie says:

    He read that word for word from

  7. Deborah says:

    I just love the old characters jack nick nikky Jill Ashley Paul Michael Loren Neil john PS. O like the old Nikki that switch to the bold Ànd beautiful
    Good job to the long standing stars let’s not forget Tracey jack baby sis

  8. Angela Davis says:

    This show needs some new story lines.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Didn’t Mariah have a tattoo on her wrist when she first started, and now she doesn’t lol dumb

  10. Lillian Owens says:

    It’s time Adam had his life be good now make him a good guy!!!!! Love you Adaml

  11. Mumphy014 says:

    I hope that Adam is free from all of that and the doctor that’s helping Victor making love in the prison should be accountable for what she is doing