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Will Victor End Up Killing Chloe on Y&R? Fans Speak Out

The Young and RestlessThe Young and Restless

On The Young and the Restless, Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) drugged Adam and left him to die in the exploding safe house — a turn of events that will no doubt leave Victor seeking revenge. That is, when he finds out exactly what happened.

Unable to forgive Adam (Justin Hartley) for accidentally running down and killing her daughter Delia with his car, Chloe was hell bent on payback. She found the ultimate revenge, drugging Adam and leaving him to die in the cabin before it blew up.

If Victor discovers Chloe’s role in his son’s demise, the results could be lethal. In fact, he already warned her about it. He could seek revenge of his own, perhaps by having Chloe killed. Some 9,000 fans weighed in on the powerful plot twist.

An Eye for an Eye
When and if Victor learns exactly what transpired at the cabin, 47% of fans believe he will retaliate and swiftly. No one messes with Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) or his family without running the risk of serious repercussions. In this case, those repercussions could prove deadly for Chloe.

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Another Payback Plan
Some 30% of you don’t believe Victor would actually have Chloe killed. That’s not his style. However, you do feel he’ll seek retribution of another kind. Knowing the Newman patriarch, it could prove to be a fate worse than death.

Let It Be
The final 20% of fans are uncertain what will happen next. Victor most definitely isn’t the type to turn the other cheek, but you have no clue exactly how he will react or what he might do if he discovers the role Chloe played in Adam’s death.

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