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Do Sharon and Scott Have What It Takes on The Young and the Restless (YR)?


Things took a romantic turn for Sharon and Scott on The Young and the Restless (YR), when they shared a first — and second — kiss.

Sharon (Sharon Case) had been immersing herself in college work, since Dylan left her and entered the Witness Protection Program. Then, Scott came along and began advising her on her studies over coffee at Crimson Lights.

A friendship quickly developed between the twosome, with Scott suggesting that they venture out on a date. Soap Hub asked fans to weigh in on the new pairing; specifically, your reaction to Sharon and Scott as a couple

Let’s Wait and See
Nearly half you, 47%, say it’s too soon to voice an opinion on this duo quite yet. So far, Sharon and Scott (Daniel Hall) have shared a couple of kisses, but that’s it.

The truth is, they barely know one another and there are plenty of other eligible women in town, who might catch Scott’s eye in the interim. You want to wait and see how things progress before you invest in the twosome.

I Love It
Dylan’s (Steve Burton) gone and Sharon needs to move on, say 36% of fans. That’s why you’re thrilled that she’s getting a new chance at happiness with Scott.

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He seems like a mature, level-headed guy with a good heart and strong moral values. Scott totally fits the bill as the kind of guy Sharon has gone for in the past. They’re perfect together.

The remaining 17% of you are against this matchup and think it’s gross. Lauren’s son is too young for Sharon and shouldn’t get involved with a woman with all her baggage.

You’d rather see Scott with someone like Abby (Melissa Ordway), and now that they’re working together, you’re rooting for sparks to fly between them.

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