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Fans Feel THIS Way About What Nick Did To Chloe On The Young and the Restless (YR)

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

With Sharon’s help, Nick got Chloe drunk on The Young and the Restless (YR), then confronted her about Adam’s death.

Granted, it was a devious plan, and Nick totally railroaded Chloe, after promising Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) he’d let the investigation go. But, from his perspective, Nick was looking for justice and trying to avenge his brother ’s death.

And since viewers already know Chloe is guilty as sin, Nick is just trying to get her to pay for her crime.

Soap Hub asked fans if you think what Nick did to Chloe was appropriate. Here is your verdict.

Yes, He Wanted Answers
Nick (Joshua Morrow) has figured out what the cops weren’t able to: Chloe murdered his brother.

According to 83% of you, that gives him carte blanche to do whatever he has to do to prove it. That includes plying Chloe with liquor.

She’s a clever little vixen, who has managed to cover her tracks up until this point.

And she’s got Chelsea believing she’s her best friend, when she actually murdered her husband. Nick has your total support.

No, She Was Too Drunk to Talk
Some 16% of you were actually puzzled by Nick’s actions. By the time he got Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) alone in his office at The Underground, she was ready to pass out and too drunk to have a serious conversation or answer his questions.

You think he should have come up with a better way to confront her — like, say, alone, one-on-one and while she was sober. It would have worked a lot better.

He Should Let Paul Handle Things
The remaining 1% of you don’t get why Nick is pursuing this on his own. He’s not a cop and doesn’t have any training in this area.

Since he already went to Paul (Doug Davidson) and posed his “Adam was murdered” theory, he should have taken all the evidence he found to the cops and let them proceed with the investigation.

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