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Is Jack Capable of Beating Phyllis on Y&R? Fans Respond

Jack on The Young and the RestlessJack on The Young and the Restless

On The Young and the Restless, Jack’s filled with furor since discovering Phyllis had been having an affair with his brother, Billy.

It was the ultimate betrayal for Jack (Peter Bergman)–finding out that his wife has been sleeping with his brother. While he and Phyllis were having marital problems, Jack never saw this one coming and it’s hit him hard. He’s furious and for good reason. But could that furor lead to physical violence? Soap Hub asked fans if they think Jack is capable of beating his cheating wife. Over 8,000 of you responded.

No Way
The majority of responses, 88% of you, don’t believe Jack could ever be pushed so far as to hit a woman, no matter what she’s done. At the core, Jack is a peaceful loving man. While he may be angry and feel he was made a fool of, he’d never lay a hand on Phyllis. But all bets are off when it comes to his cheating brother, Billy (Jason Thompson).

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Ready to Explode
When someone is pushed to the limit anything can happen. So 9% of fans could see Jack getting violent with Phyllis (Gina Tognoni); especially if he were to find her in Billy’s bed. You’d label it a crime of passion, because it’s a move that would be totally out of character for Jack.

Hard to Say
The remaining 3% of you aren’t sure what Jack might or might not do. This isn’t the first time Billy has slept with his wife. Billy had a fling with Sharon (Sharon Case), too. Nor is it the first time Phyllis has cheated on Jack. (Phyllis had an affair with Nick during her first marriage to Jack.) Jack handled both of the above peacefully, but who knows… A second betrayal could bring out the worst in him.

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