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What Do You Think Hilary Will Do Next?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

Hilary has been totally altruistic since her split from Devon on The Young and the Restless, promising not to contest a divorce and insisting she doesn’t want a penny of his money.

Who is this woman and what has she done with the real Hilary (Mishael Morgan)? As fans know, Hilary has been scheming and manipulating since the day she arrived in Genoa City. She’s been all about clawing her way to the top.

Hence, her behavior seems seriously odd, not to mention very uncharacteristic. Surely, she’s not going to continue along this path. Or is she? Soap Hub asked fans what you think will happen next.

Hilary Sues Devon for Millions
More than half of you, 52%, believe what you’re seeing now is all a game to get Devon (Bryton James) to have a change of heart and take her back. Once Hilary realizes it isn’t going to work, you fully expect her to backtrack and sue her husband for millions. Devon’s worth a fortune, and there’s no way Hilary’s walking away from their marriage without half of it.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Hilary Schemes to Get Devon Back
Although she’s currently playing nice, 36% of you are on the same page as Lily (Christel Khalil) don’t think it’s going to last. Once Hilary realizes her good girl act is getting her nowhere, she’ll switch courses. That’s when the story will really get interesting as Hilary pulls every trick in the book to get her man back. Knowing Hilary, it’s going to be a wild and wonderful ride.

Hilary and Devon Divorce
Meanwhile, 12% of you really believe this is the end of the line for Hilary and Devon. He’s seen her true colors time and time again, and he’s finally come to the realization like Neil (Kristoff St. John) that she’s never going to change. She’s incapable of it. You fully expect the couple to go their separate ways and, eventually, divorce.

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