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Find Out If Fans are Warming Up to the Idea of Jack and Gloria Together…

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

It’s not like all soap-opera relationships work out the way they were originally planned. On General Hospital, Luke was just supposed to be a six-week bad guy, not the love of Laura’s life.

And on All My Children, Maria was intended to be a temporary obstacle for Brooke and Edmund’s romance. Plots change based on fan reactions.

Which is why we had to know how you really felt about The Young and the Restless, and Jack and Gloria’s… whatever it is. Almost 3,000 viewers had this to say.

Glack Me With a Spoon!
Glack isn’t just Gloria (Judith Chapman) and Jack’s squish name. It’s also the sound 82% of you make in the backs of your throats at just the thought of this former stepmom and stepson ever having anything more than an ill-advised and drunken roll in the hay.

(It does make you wonder, if they were both too out of it to give consent, then who is the villain and who is the victim, here?)

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So that would be a big, “No! Never!” to Jack (Peter Bergman) and Gloria. You don’t even want them giving each other mouth-to-mouth in case of a life-threatening emergency. It’s better to die.

Glo-Oh-Oh-Oh-oh-Oh-Ria! (And Jack)
On the other hand, Joria has 11% of fans singing “Glory, glory, hallelujah.” Instead of the usual, soap-opera angst and shmoopy declarations of devotion, this couple is actually fun, and keeps you awake. May the snarking never stop!

Time Is On Our Side
Neither Jack nor Gloria are getting any younger, and yet 6% of Genoa City watchers insist they still need more time before deciding yay or nay on this odd couple. There’s the hinky She Was Married to his Dad complication (though it never stopped Jill). Oh, and the fact that they can’t stand each other.

Couldn’t stand each other? Do we need to bring up The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ridge and Quinn now? Or, going back, General Hospital’s Sonny and Carly?

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