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What Should Devon Do About Hilary on Y&R?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

Hilary’s raging out of control and turning GC Buzz totally tabloid on The Young and the Restless.

After Devon got Hilary to agree to turn their version of the local gossip show into an honest and aboveboard news production, she’s reneged on her promise. Over the last few weeks, she’s proven she’ll run with any story and exploit anyone in the name of ratings. To Hilary (Mishael Morgan), that’s what it’s all about; well, that and social media praise from her devoted followers. It’s left Devon frustrated. Nearly 9,000 weighed in on how to fix things.

Bye-Bye Buzz
The solution is super simple, say 79% of you. Shut GC Buzz down, now! You’re not really a fan of the tabloid storyline anyway, so you wouldn’t miss it if it wrapped up. Besides, you preferred seeing Hilary in the corporate world, and Devon focused solely on running the GCAC. It would be a good move for the couple’s marriage, too.

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Who’s the Boss?
All Devon (Bryton James) has to do to keep things under control is to supervise everything Hilary does, according to 16% of you. He owns the business, so it should be easy for him to play the boss card. Once Hilary realizes she can’t get away with anything, she’ll have no choice but to relent and become a fair-and-square reporter. Who knows? She may even grow to like it.

Who Knows?
Hilary’s a wild stallion and 3% of you have no clue how she can be reined in. Devon could try to supervise her instead of having Mariah (Camryn Grimes) just inform on her, but knowing Hilary, she’d find a way around it. It might end up being a losing battle for her husband.

Back Her Up
If Devon’s really serious about GC Buzz and wants the show to thrive, 2% of you feel there’s only one option. He needs to get on board and back up Hilary like he did against Victor (Eric Braeden). While her methods are questionable and her ethics are sorely lacking, she’s proven she’s got what it takes to produce a successful show.

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